Toxic Chicken – Lounge

Artist: Toxic Chicken
title: Lounge
keywords: alternative diy avant-garde electro lo-fi electro oustsider music singer-songwriter Kraków
label: Weakie Discs
words by: Eye Presume

The lounge is (I presume) a concept in which it’s all about hanging out in a comfortable position on comfortable things to sit, altogether with a (i presume) nice and pleasant drink and perhaps something else that individuals like to do at their time of relaxation. The Lounge is (I presume) a place in which it all happens and nothing happens, just chilling out and enjoying the act of nothing. Nothing sounds quite negative, let’s make it a ‘just being’ instead.

With the comfortable zone of such a lounge belongs music, a (I presume) conceptual style of music that goes usually from ambient, chill out and light beat orientated material. It’s (I presume) no new age yoga meditation music, but it should have enough flow to fit with the easy going relaxing sensation of drinking a cocktail or sipping another (I presume) favorite drink of your choice.

Altogether this forms (I presume) the Lounge experience. I have not been in many lounges, and the only ones I’ve managed to go had been established inside some loud club with a separate room for people to crash and ‘lounge’ , probably to recover from their doped up dance experience without totally feeling like a looser. (After all they are still there lounging with drinks, smokes and a lighter weight kind of ‘I Presume’ music). Might be that it’s functioning as a hold up room for people that are simply too f#cked up to crawl into a taxi towards (I presume) ‘home’…

But a Lounge might as well be findable in houses of the high society, with (I presume) a piano in the corner, a (I presume) butler feeding the loungers drinks and snacks, and (I presume) of course a very comfortable sofa to (I presume) chill out upon.

It might be actually a good idea to google what a lounge is, maybe the oh so reliable Wikipedia has an article about it. I presume it has one, but let’s presume it hasn’t so we don’t need to bother searching it up. Besides what a lounge is might be just up to your own imagination. A pillow on the floor can be a lounge, hell, a plastic bag and a piece of carton in the street could be a lounge. It’s all about perspective. Might have to do your own singing and drumming, drinking etc; but still it is (I presume) pretty much lounge.

So with all this in mind I wanted to let you know about another conceptual take on this Lounge. One that fits the old sofa theory, some smokable materials at arm length, dragon stout beers (they are the best tasting beers in the entire galaxy!) and of course yourself all warm and comfortable dressed in a chicken costume. Add some lovable cuddly animals (in this case a couple of dogs, but cats, rabbits, frogs, birds, hamsters, gerbils, crocodiles should be fine too) and embrace them and the good things of life, while (I presume) being in a total state of Loungeness. Oh, and add some special lounge music to the chicken session and you’ll be lounging in no time. Are you ready for the lounge?
I presume I am!

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3 Responses to Toxic Chicken – Lounge

  1. Sherocks moles says:

    I found chicken, I found lounge. And I will not get out of it for the rest of the afternoon.

    Peace and chill-out! ~blowing smoke circles into your face~ how rude! I don’t care!

    • kainobuko says:

      I’m so glad to have found you here in the chill corner. So nice to exchange smoke and hang out like we just don’t care… detective work? pfff let’s stay here and have free drinks on the Lounge house… 🙂

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