Paul Kidney Experience – Psychedelic Apocalypse

artist: Paul Kidney Experience
title: Psychedelic Apocalypse
keywords: experimental improv noise psychedelic Melbourne
label: Neumusak

With a certain roll straight into the deep fried brain zone this release instantly begins.
It’s as if the music had been waiting in a secretive line long enough and certainly had no time to waist time on introductions and other preparations;
no, this music is as if you had swallowed a bathtub full of LSD and you hadn’t even noticed that you had swallowed it. The material that you will hear is as if the grounds have melted, the walls are walk-through and the sky is a bouncy limit. It’s ‘Dry Eye’ that has the honor to pull the listener into this psychedelic frenzy, but it might as well been called ‘third eye’ as it’s punched open and twirling around like a maniac!

The release continues to release its psychedelic brew of insanity upon the surprised ears, featuring of course instruments and intensive wordless vocal material,
but it’s all so done and done in such a thick pack of sound that instruments and voice are simply one big massive rainbow glue of brain waving audio soup. The expression comes across like being rolled through the corners of a wild beast, a scary creature that screams in pain and might be suffering from a mental breakdown, (or simply a bad trip) but for us as a listener the situation is not a scary one; more as if we are the closed up observers in a Neanderthal expression with proud members of a lunatic asylum ruling the scepter until they tame that wild beast.The music is intense, the feeling is panicky and yet so very interesting; you’ll just feel like you have been taken the wrong corner into Jurassic psycho park and don’t know if things are fascinating or that its time to make a run before getting eaten by a tripped out tyrannosaur.

But with all psychedelic practices, running is hardly an option as its just a adventurous adventure we all have to go through. Luckily our reward will come with ‘Pretty’. It’s a moment of calm before the storm, a windy fresh breezy breeze of friends that twirl around in a tunnel of absurdness.This is the place in which visions of meowing cats, round twirling images and long haired Australians are flying through the extra ordinary hallways.

What also might be scary is that there is a track title with ‘Gary Glitter’ inside of it. ‘Invocation of Gary Glitter’ it is called. The music is like stepping around on a muddy field in which the sinking stepping stones are mad of louche marching band members,
and the air is filled with little flying satanic helpers, sweet horny horns trumpeting in a time and space that will make the hall of rock a hall shiver. This is the zone in which music can be heard in the distance as the light to fly towards…

The last bit is ‘Mutterings’ a muffled and seemingly dry experience that feels as if we have been bounced back from the weird trip through decadent tunnel visions and have now fallen back on to earth surface. A bit like a mister bean without the Hallelujah gospel choir, besides the world as we once knew it sounds still very much refrained from how it once was.Might we still be tripping our heads off? Is the floor real, are we moving? It feels as if ‘Mutterings’ is traveling us forward over a psychedelic train rails through another part of insanity: reality.

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