Andy Warhol To Se Vrati ‘BOYZ by Malga Kubiak

Artist: Malga Kubiak
title: Andy Warhol To Se Vrati ‘BOYZ by Malga Kubiak
keywords: movie, documentary, experimental

We don’t really discuss movies over here, but the three ‘Andy Warhol To Se Vrati’ movies directed and created by Malga Kubiak should be by definition be the perfect material to say ‘to hell with the rules’! These movies aren’t your standard ones; probably not findable in a last standing Blockbuster video store (if they still exist!) or featured on Netflix. But that’s probably why they deserve a ton’s worth more of your attention!

Because at the moment there are three of them, it’s only fair to focus on ‘one’ of them in the series for now. The one I choose is ‘Andy Warhol To Se Vrati ‘BOYZ’ a work that is probably as innovative as it is groundbreaking. Let me try to explain:

The movie is unlike any other movie that you have probably seen. It doesn’t take the usual road that movies follow; it doesn’t direct you with clear shots of things you should see, but instead gives the viewer multiple shots at the same time. Clearly giving a viewer the potential to choose what they want to watch, but at the same time providing every shot all at once. From a distance it gives a voyeuristic experience, and makes the movie not just one movie, but strangely multiple movies in one. You as the viewer are the one to choose which part you want to watch, which scene you want to see and is fancy enough to get your inner peeking Tom out.

Technically speaking this is a completely brand new thing; a movie in which your own eyes could zap over the screen in order to watch the things you want to see, ignoring the things you don’t want to see: basically creating an analogue but interactive movie that is all in your own hands and eyes.

And trust us, you want and need to see this movie (or movies in a movie?) as it’s pretty much material that might be voyeuristic, it is also very upfront, close, erotic, exciting, and bloody interesting! I won’t go and tell you about the story, or any plots because that’s something you should find out for yourself, but I can tell you this:

Expect to be taken in through sneaky ways deep into the factory workings of Andy Warhol and friends, meet Basquiat in a way that you have never have seen before, see Nico in a way that has never been captured on screen; see things that have been hidden away in privacy, now shown out in the open with all its interesting sides, but also with its more darker twistedness. See the fun, the workings, the friendship between the recreational processes and become hopelessly entrapped and intrigued by the world of the edgy Andy Warhol arts and friends.

The scenes are coming at you like there is nothing left to hide. See Andy Warhol being ordered to lick boots (probably that’s where his shoe drawings had come from), view the injections of mind altering substances, see the erotic seducements of nude photography, envy a little white dog who might as well be the real living wig of Andy Warhol himself!

The movie is not just visually exciting, erotic, and valuable learning material for futures next to come; there are also the perfectly fitting soundtracks. There are the experimental ones that feel just as artistic as the arts that the intoxicated creationists are creating, but there is also great use of a rockier soundtrack, something that perfectly turns the very hot and sexy scenes into ones that are well lubricated. Malga Kubiak did a great job in turning these romantic / erotic / violent / voyeuristic / intimate scenes in BOYZ into ones that will be imprinted in a viewer’s memory forever!

Also the wise learnings implanted in the movie will make a good impact. I’ve learned that ‘Nude Photography always sells the best’ and that a photographer of ‘nudes’ always has to be careful. These are just a few valuable life lessons within this pretty epic cinema graphic master piece.

If you are a glasses wearing watcher you might experience your glasses getting foggy from the excessive hotness that is captured here. But it’s all in the name of seemingly telling it like it is or was. There is no room for holding back here, and all is shown even if things are pretty nifty and in your face. If you imagined Andy’s art world to be brewing then think again as it might as well be much more steaming then you’d ever thought it would have been!

Never have I seen a movie in which I was glued to the screen when there was the on screen action of ‘eating an egg’. (Something very Warhol, mind you!) But there are also lighter moments of humor along the way. The scenes of Basquiat are clearly my personal favorites, simply because it is showing the artist in such a light that it’s hard not to turn your face into a smile. The drugs, the lines, the togetherness of a group of people; everything is shown like a true documentary full of scenes that speaks to the imagination.

In ‘Andy Warhol To Se Vrati ‘BOYZ’ everyone and everything seems to be art. Everyone and everything is filmed in such ways that it’s like reliving a memory of someone who had been there observing it all for future generations. Think the unexpected while diving into this grotesque world of Andy’s angels. Big boy’s belly dancing? Oh yes! Wine based intimate horniness? Check! Swinging on a swing in the middle of the art studio by a happy Basquiat? Double check! Circulating art installations? Certainly! Intensive bathing scenes involving candle-wax / Boys having a good time? Of course! Interesting music? Duh! Sex? Bet ya! Happy spaced out faces? Oh certainly!

The main line (next to the ones that gets sniffed into some noses) seems to be the little white dog, perfectly stealing the show with its resemblance of Andy Warhol’s hair. In any case, the new way of showing the visuals, the option to interact with it as a viewer to see what you want to see & the insane brewing content based on (probably well researched) truth of Andy Warhol and friends are simply making this one of these thought provoking movies you really shouldn’t miss to see!

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