Carton Sonore – Animago

artist: Carton Sonore
title: Animago
keywords: belleville experimental avant-garde drone folk lo-fi pop stories vocal Paris

Carton Sonore (Pierre Chandeze) has one of the most valuable instruments a person could need; an amazing voice! With this he manages to create all the sounds other voiceless people would have used instruments for. His voice is the magical item that can form beats, whistles, special effects, synthesizers, shakers and it even can be ‘a voice’.

You might know about this singer from Iceland who had made an album that was also solidly made with a voice and guest voices, but I feel Carton Sonore’s album ‘Animago’ captured the ‘no instrument vocals only’ concept much better. Perhaps because it’s all him, no external Icelandic choirs or pop star singer collaborations but just one artist squeezing out all vocal kinds of shapes and materials from its own throat floating out between his lips.

But it’s not just the creation of sounds and rhythm that is making this album one for a good music collection, it is in fact the things that Carton Sonore does with his vocal abilities; making good and interesting music. There are really nice ones on this album in which it’s full of holy warmth, trippy tongue licking grooves; these are my favorite things!

Carton Sonore might not be an Icelandic diva, neither have wings to fly away or dance on the backside of a moving truck while sticking out his tongue into a camera; but Carton Sonore has this magical mouth, tongue, lips and a musical brain to arrange and create things that is not only a very personal output; it is also a very good one. I would say to try to do something like Carton Sonore at home by yourself and see for yourself that it’s (1) not easy to create usable music sounds from only the mouth and (2) to arrange it to make pretty music with. Check it out over here:

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3 Responses to Carton Sonore – Animago

  1. linda says:

    I have been mad. I have been FURIOUS. I have been so angry that I was physically angry too. Yesterday, just before lunch, I got told something that touched me in the base and in my primary defense. It stirred up old social trauma’s and feelings of betrayal. I suffered from being consumed by this negative energy throughout the day. I can home, cried a bit more, brain-dumbed myself with a lousy flash puzzle game that never ends, and went to bed.
    This morning was a very heavy Friday morning. Why get out of bed. Why face the fools. What is the difference between a Friday and a Saturday.

    I did get out of bed eventually and on the bicycle ride to work I tried to work it out and try to deal with the situations at hand. Instead, I refueld the anger and the feelings of holessness, doomed, being powerless.
    Can’t hide my moods, been growling even at the trashcan. I flicked through a dogpark and an overdosed LSD hippy clan. Something in the middle, stayed in the middle (it was nice, but I was not really listening). And then there was this gentle humming. A hint of tibetan munk, a slice of comfort, smooth french words, but most of all just a voice to take the negativity away and replace it with warmth. The social encounter without having to actually meet people. A little bit of attention and understanding. Even if I do not understand things literally. Some French words I understand, but that’s not the point. I am not having enough words now to say how much of a medicine this is right now.

    I am going for lunch and then I’ll be going for a second dose of medicin. And a bit of lounge perhaps. And then Friday will be Friday again. Close to the weekend. ❤

    • kainobuko says:

      I’m so happy to hear that you came across the best medicine over here. The music is truly beautiful, the whole world should take a big glass of this beautiful sound. I don’t know if it helps a bit on top but I’m sending you lots of love ❤️

      • linda says:

        But ofcourse, your love helps and I am happy to receive it! ❤ Yikis helps! And the experiment of Carton sonore is a success! Merci beaucoup à tous!

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