MetAteM – The Middle Remixes

artist: MetAteM
title: The Middle Remixes
keywords: bipolar sunshine cover dj snake edm electronic gay genderfluid memes minimal superhero vaporwave Clayton Le Moors

MetAteM brings a single that is apparently a cover. I’m not aware of the original that this is a cover of, but that really doesn’t seem to matter as this cover covers everything quite clearly. The song named ‘middle’ has this neat combination of vapor waving vibes, electronic tropicalness and a very happy up melody. Lyrics wise ‘coffee’ is an important issue, but in general the song is brought in a sincere sounding voice, down to earth, a little bit sad perhaps but it also might just be the case of the singers voice still sounding a bit sleepy. (The coffee obviously didn’t kick in yet).

The tune gets also a couple of remixes, perfect in case you can’t get enough of it; which might be the case if you like catchy material with a sleepy morning feel and flow. Although you must be warned, the music is not for sleeping and should be more seen as one to wake up too… Indeed this single and remixes would go perfect with your first morning coffee, trying to open the eyes and facing the new born day with a fresh light.

The first remix is up tempo, speeding the whole thing up as if you just have invited a double espresso do its caffeine thing. The same with the last remix; going for a up and speedy vibe of it all, perfect material to realist how late it is and go for a run towards the nearest form of transportation. (If you had need to go somewhere that is) The remix in the middle of these quick friends is taking it much easier, so if you needed another moment before running, or perhaps didn’t need to run at all; it is a perfect tune for another cup of coffee.

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