Australian Saxophone Quartet – Australian Saxophone Quartet

Artists: Australian Saxophone Quartet
title: Australian saxophone quartet
keywords: jazz classical electronica improvisation world music Perth
reviewer: Sexy Fred

In all honesty, it got to be said that the saxophone is the instrument of choice to make a tune sexy. Countless pop hits with a sexy sax are out there getting people ‘in the mood’, making it easy to forget that the instrument could also be used in a classy way. Luckily this collection of decency within the sax-world had been captured from the eighties as proof that the saxophone isn’t just a tool used to let the hormones go mental in the love department.

No, this piece of historic saxophone music isn’t the material to make people wet between the legs like musical lubrication; this material is keeping it’s sounds above the blankets where everyone can see them nice and clearly. Do I sound disappointed? You are wrong! Personally I’m most delighted to hear and have stumbled upon this collection of decency in the saxophone world, I knew proof of good saxophone music without the sexy sound would be out there somewhere, and I feel very pleased that it had come from the huge island that is Australia.

Yes, Australia has a rich music industry going on. Apparently one of the only places in the world that still produces, sells and deals with new music released on vinyl. So it probably doesn’t come as a real surprise that this is the place on the world map conserved enough to have captured the saxophone sound before it got its reputation hopelessly smothered by pop abuse.

In all cases this collection of classy saxophone music is a complete win-win situation. A win for the pretty and descent rediscovery of classical saxophone music and a win for Australia. It really puts Australia in a nice way back on the map; it’s not all about kangaroos and koalas; it’s classy saxophones too!

In general the music here feels like it seriously needs to be played on a classical music station. The one in the UK would be good as they always have a woman or a man talking in a perfect English accent what the composition was that we just heard or what we will hear next. I say this because this music would be perfect to hear when driving around in a car with the car radio tuned into such a station that played Australian saxophone music. Seriously the whole ride, the view outside the car window would look so much nicer when this music plays. Maybe… Just maybe with the modern wi-fi it would be possible to just hear this album without the radio being involved… My gosh the day we could just stream internet releases straight from our car devices will be the day that radio would be officially buried away to the land of obsolete. A thought probably never occurred in 1979 / 1981.

In any case, this is a marvelous classy collection of saxophone music,
clearly well played by skillful musicians and absolutely kind to the ears.
Perfect proof that the classical saxophone music keeps classy and never outdated,
clearly cheering the day up as we speak. Travel back in time to Australia, to hear the saxophone as it was originally intended:

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