Lucifer’s Dream – Remember EP

artist: Lucifer’s Dream
title: Remember EP
keywords: electronic darkpop darkwave new wave synthpop synthwave Amsterdam
reviewer: Willem van O.

Lucifer’s Dream is like lucid night dreaming on a poppy stream of synthesizer bubbles and persuasive vocals of deep love. It has this bit of darkness inside that feels fitting with a sky filled with stars after a spaced out experience. The duo might be from somewhere else, another dimension, perhaps one in which it’s permanent partying had taken its toll on its inhabitants and now they are seemingly together in a state of surrealism to play and produce their brand of (in general) slow inducing electro pop for the awake earthlings to enjoy.

Their specific brand of music is so fitting for the middle of the night, and their track ‘3 in the night’ doesn’t change this perspective. It’s a song that will test the listeners ears by a special blend of music and the sound of a special kind of vocalist. Her voice wrapping itself around the music made out of the calm night life sounding electronics, is one that spins around on the track like a serenading soothing lover who might be deep asleep. It’s easy to visualize, yet so deeply personal. Perhaps it’s even done in some mystical trance, but you can hear that it’s done with the best intentions and love.

It all feels kind of private, like magic that had been done behind closed doors and is now released out in the open. It’s intriguing, yet I feel obliged to say that sometimes it gets a little bit out of tune, but that might be just the magic spark that makes the song for what it is; personal, hunting and strangely mysterious.

The best track and song according to my own opinion is definitely the happy and positive sounding love song ‘elixir of Isis’ which has everything to be a potential underground hit. It’s very sweet, the vibe is up and even though the music is interesting, it also follows a clear pop structure that goes very well together with the lovely sounding vocals that clearly has a lot of love to shine through. Really nice!

The last track sinks back into the darkness of the night once more. It feels a little less risky, but has the synthesizer sounds that will get the attention of the moon to shine a light upon it all. The song itself is shimmering, the tempo is calm and the vocals are showing us the way and apparently the way is all the way up.

To conclude this review for the debut EP of Amsterdam based Lucifer’s Dream I would say again that it really fits the after midnight to early morning vibe. The music in general is intimate, making me feel like its modern love music for couples with a veil of dark mystery draped around it. The positive ‘elixir of Isis’ is the one that feels like the shining moment on here; something that clearly conveys the love, which probably might not be such a dark thing after all.

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