Unknown Artist – Actasomno

artist: Unknown Artist
title: Actasomno
keywords: acid ambient drone mexico saturation Monterrey
label: Σшρτγ http://www.facebook.com/emptymty
reviewer: Unknown

The Unknown Artist strikes again!

Unknown Artist has so many releases and tracks done in its name that it’s easy to get lost in this enormous amount of output. I believe only the amount of ‘Untitled’ tracks outperform Unknown Artist in its presence, and that is probably saying a hell of a lot.

Anyway, with this new output of Unknown Artist (a artist so well known that everyone has heard of it at least once in their lifetime..) we can clearly say that we wished to have known the Unknown Artist just to give it a warm welcoming handshake in order to say thanks for the music.

The music done by Unknown Artist is as good as only describable with unknown words, words like fireldiupiety and m girenkloperepedovicux could do the trick, but as it’s meanings are unknown; it might not be that helpful in a music review. Let me describe it better with the logical step in how it makes me feel….

Oh it is making me feel so relaxed, so chilled, so so so like nothing. I mean it’s feeling like emptiness but with the exception of the emptiness not being empty. It’s more filled with something unknown… Something warm and smooth… Juliculebelocera would be a unique word to describe it perhaps. But really unknown words should not be used over here unless it’s really, really needed.

I guess the strongest known word that could be used here is ambient, perhaps even ambient drone. But as legendary that the Unknown Artist is, I feel these two terms simply undermine the artist’s greatness. So let’s say the Unknown Artist made typically unknown music for us to feel unknown about. The music can be found at the following known link:

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