Dreamboat – The Doomed Sessions Vol. 1

artist: Dreamboat
title: The Doomed Sessions Vol. 1
format: tape / digital
keywords: ambient cosmic doom drone shoegaze London

All on board! Captains Simon, Fran & Alex will sail their dreamboat straight out of the Fierce Ships Studios. All you got to do is climb on and hold on to the railing. It might look like a luxurious ride from the outside, but trust me this trip might get a little bad luck along the way, after all the entire session is doomed.

At first glance the boat looks fierce and pretty in the water, but as soon as the sails go up you could hear the robust sounds of electric waves crushing in against the stream. The music that explains this trip in great detail is one to hear with open mouth, clearly setting the scene of breaking the waves in a pretty but raw order.

The boat moves along and so does the music. It seems like the storm that moved us far at sea has suddenly made way for a bit of flat ocean; the sun is shining and there is no wind to blow anything into the sails. Dolphins might bubble up to see what’s going on, but we are just a bit floating around like a float-able bathtub with no agenda.

But wait… This doesn’t sound so doomed after all! In fact why don’t we use the opportunity to go for a dive, a lovely swim on the blue wave-less ocean in the sunny shining sun? The music is nothing but love and light over here, there is even a little swinging rhythm that fits a swim among the curious happy dolphins. A little skinny dipping while this music plays out isn’t bad at all; it almost feels like an unexpected tropical relaxing vacation! Almost feel sorry for the Goths who jumped on board in the hope for a trip of complete doom…

Then the music changes the boat trip it’s course. We have caught some wind in the sails again and the dream boat triumphant sails it’s way into the sea while percussive stimulating percussion are celebrating the action of moving forwards. While these hand played drums do their thing the ambient around it clearly sketches the bright sky and vast amount of horizon with only sea, sea, sea and sea to see.


^ depicted above you see the doomed Dreamboat session vol.1 on a pretty good looking tape!

The dream boat moves on with ‘piece 2’, something that you could feel in the underbelly of the construction. The doom might have arrived somewhere, probably as thick as coal being burned in a steamy engine room. I thought this was a sail boat, so perhaps the darker and deeper depth of doom might be coming from something else. Perhaps just a lonely fellow in the under belly of the boat. Whatever it is that produces the vibe, it feels deep and sad, something creepy and sensitive ready to either burst into tears, or murder everyone on board. It’s the sound of sadness, but might be even more described as one of lurking potential doom. The boat start to wobble around on unexpected waves; might this be the sign that the end of our trip is near?

Probably so! As the final chapter we could hear people among this sound of dark doom. It’s an open chapter, ready for your own imagination how to end this doomed dream boat trip. I guess it might be the case that we are either pirated, are having a chef cook panicky poking around with some meat knives; but at the end, we are obviously dead. But hey, the trip was doomed, so that last bit shouldn’t have come as a true surprise. But at least it’s a good discovery that we had some pretty and beautiful moments on this oceanic trip too!

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