Femmepop – ‘Underground’

Artist: Femmepop
title: ‘Underground’
keywords: synthpop, electropop, pop, video, YIKIS song of the day, dreampop electro electronic futurepop. synth synthwave electro newretrowave United Kingdom
artist website: http://www.femmepop.com/
reviewer: Willem van O.

Femmepop seems to be taken over by the sound of the underground. I guess it’s not the sound of the London Underground with its commuters traveling with smelly armpits in compact trains pressed against each other like a can full of sardines. No, Femmepop’s Underground addiction seem to refer to ‘underground music’ and it’s a addiction that we probably share with Femmepop as gosh how could we otherwise have explained the madness that is YIKIS?

We show off our addiction by typing in stuff and pointing towards links to follow and hear ‘underground’ hits, but Femmepop expresses her love for the ‘underground’ in a different way. Femmepop has captured it all neat and nicely into a song that also comes along with a specially made music video. A feast for the eye and the ears!

The song is probably about spending a good time in the shadows, the neon signs and losing oneself in the underground. Hmm… It might actually be a song about the actual underground transport system after all…

The music is a poppy one, the one that is conveyed by synthesizer and vocals and a beat to dance upon. It’s seemingly having a good response on the underground stream of listeners, clearly gathering new fans as we speak and new followers as you read. And it isn’t that strange as a lot of people have a love for the underground and a love for catchy electro pop.

The good news for those fans of the underground, Femmepop and her brand of music, is that this song is a part of a EP which covers more songs of this kind. The bad news might be the fact that one of the tunes (‘There Is A Place’) was chosen to be ‘Tune of the day’ on the BBC ATL show. Not that this is a bad thing of course, but it might nibble away on the underground status of Femmepop by bringing Femmepop’s pop a little bit more upper ground.

But let us be kind and forgive Femmepop, after all Femmepop can’t help that the BBC likes Femmepop. It doesn’t mean it’s a mutual love, besides it helps spreading the word of music above ground through these radio waves. And now that we are here, we can make Femmepop’s ‘Underground’ song’ the Tune of the day’ here at underground platform YIKIS. That will bring everything nice in balance, right? You know what? let’s just be radical and just do it! Yes! You heard it right!

Femmepop’s ‘Undergound’ is the YIKS song of today.

Today it’s Friday, so play it multiple times when preparing yourself to go out and get wasted. Play it when you are following the neon lights, half intoxicated tumbling around in shadowy alleyways and spin it when you come back safely from a nice night out. And if you aren’t planning to poisoning yourself and party; play it at home while sober as hey it’s the song of YIKIS today! We never had such a thing before! It’s a reason to celebrate! Check out the fabulous music video featuring YIKS song of the day:

To hear the other tunes done by Femmepop please go and give the ‘Underground EP’ a good spin at the following link:

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