Laugu Ni Memro – 001 Cat Clock

Artist: Laugu Ni Memro
title: 001 Cat Clock
Keywords: experimental acoustic concrete folk minimalist polska rhythm rock Jeziorno

I’ve fallen instantly in love with this album. It was a love at first sight, if you could say such a thing for hearing things through the ears. It was an instant feeling that covered me with hearts when listening to the warm and lovely minimal sound of the first tune ‘back then we all had circles in our windows’. It’s short, melodic and playful. A thing that will continue with the other played tracks that will be easily pleasing your ears, but also satisfying your heart.

The miniatures and seemingly compactness of the played material is one you could imagine the artist playing it with his favorite guitar on his lap, playing it with his soul upon his sleeve and presenting them as non-nonsense and in a to the point way of kindness. They pass by so quickly, like flirts of notes written on paper; yet the shortness has its charming effect, never outdoing a thing and boredom will be avoided at all times: no wonder that I’m in love with these tracks.

A special shout out of love has to go to the one named ‘cousins mouth in the rain’ as here the artist brings for the first time a nice percussion to the album, something that feels very lo-fi, a but grainy like the rain, maybe recorded with a drum stick and material that you could find in a regular kitchen. This percussive kitchen drum material is also the prominent case in ‘she has many houses’ which has a nice minimal swing vibe over it that seriously brings back the ‘fun’ into improvisational music. Who wouldn’t love this?

Another excellent surprise on the release is the brave sounding ‘saved by peter from the pinecone gang’ which takes on a raw sound of guitar, a thing that makes me think of muscles, a pair of them used to protect a loved one with music to make way for.

A much more gentle way of music is captured in the sweet and loving sounding ‘caroline inside a tree hollow’. Here birds of love chatter and sing their song as the artist slowly plays a sensual piece of minimalism on the guitar strings. I might be a real sucker, but I think this sounds utterly romantic!

For the more experimental lover the artist had recorded ‘I fear small fish more than large ones’ which seems to dribble along the lines of structured avant-garde, silence, sounds, snippets and almost musical storytelling that is told in such a pace that you’ll be hanging onto it with both ears in order to try to follow the story. It’s up to your own mind, but I saw a stream and a fisherman fishing the fishes but with a honest fear of small fishes… A bit of a strange story, but who said stories have to be normal?

A drumming tune of ‘ventilators and cardboard ceilings’ is another light weight fun take on the release, something that made me remind how much we love a cowbell and Casio keyboards. Not sure what instruments are used here, but it felt nice and lo-fi enough to keep stimulating that loving feeling.

The last track on the release ‘ball lightning inside a sphinx’ is overwhelming in a minimal peeling way. Here the artist plays through very subtle ways the strings of the listeners heart through the use of music. It’s (I think) utterly romantic, gentle and only feeds my worldly praises for the creativity, the fun and the sensibility of the love within this short, but oh so lovely release. Pretty much material for everyone to fall in love with, right? Hear it over here:

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1 Response to Laugu Ni Memro – 001 Cat Clock

  1. Joel Latterell says:

    Good find. Being over 30, I depend on others to find me new music.

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