Sergey Kostyrko & Rutger Zuydervelt – Beginner’s Luck

artists:Sergey Kostyrko & Rutger Zuydervelt
title: Beginner’s Luck
keywords: devotional electronic machinefabriek rutger zuydervelt sergey kostyrko analog analogue spinarec tape recordings Saint Petersburg
label: spina!rec

Let’s begin with the beginning of Beginner’s Luck, a collaboration between Sergey Kostyrko & Rutger Zuydervelt that might be totally up you alley of tastes. But probably will launch you from your comfort zone into surroundings never seen or heard before! It begins with the introducing sound of something nice and sweet, slowly but surely rising upwards like the call of a kind abstract alien tone that folds open to show its extraterrestrial artifacts at certain times. The tone is very gentle, smooth and yet buzzing and sparkling. It gains more depth as a noisier layer is added to the sound case, something that feels like an engine, something that isn’t continues but has a rampant vibe of being tampered with. When the two sounds interlock in a more stable form of togetherness the music feels like it’s providing the sound of traveling. The vibrating pulse of movement that feels like it’s been played out somewhere in a other galaxy, far away from the concepts of movements that we have established down here on earth. It explains the strangeness and the beauty in its aesthetics that seem to establish itself within the soundscape. A calm vibe of something unearthly, something magical; as if a glow of an Alien planet is decorated and honored (perhaps even adored) with the sound of analogue’s heaven.

Beginner’s luck part two is keeping the original vibe of extra ordinary undiscovered audio planets up on the agenda. The music is calm, the special effect is like waves crushing in at an artificial beach, the journey is spiritual and relaxing. It’s the soundtrack in which scenes of meditation comes to mind, along with alternative sounds to travel out of the brain with. Soft and kind tickling noises and deep drone are smoothening the sensations up until abstract places to hang out are established. Squeaky new friends might come and say hello in these new and unexplored worlds in which the alien vibe might be bubbling, electrifying, sparkling and fuzzy. It’s a world in which you have to lose yourself and your earthly ideas of what is sound and what is music; as these audio trips are from such an order that it will create completely new sensations, hallucinations and visions in the minds of the true audio listeners. The planets, the sounds, the vibes; they are not common and that’s the beauty of this wonderful release. You have to truly listen to it to know that Beginner’s Luck will make you travel to places beyond your own imagination. Talking about an out of your mind holiday, this link might be your ticket:

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