Electrosexual – Art Support Remix [Album]

artist: Electrosexual
title: Art Support Remix [Album]
keywords: darkwave electronic electropop french electronic queer synthpop techno electropop pop techno and variations Berlin

Electrosexual has a new album out. It’s not completely new perhaps as the tracks on it might sound familiar, as they are all material that Electrosexual had previously released but now back into new shapes and forms. A intense collection of audio beauticians had given them all a nice make-over, making each track look and sound as brand new. Expect synthesizer madness, dance floor killers and hypnotic materials! Let me quickly describe them all, as why the hell not?

The Dream Of The Machine – Autist Remix

The bliss of a clean cut light electric kick, the futuristic synth pop vocals and heavy sound electrifying hypnosis in techno music is like a mechanic dream come true. It’s hard not to move your head in a state of acceptance on the beat, synthetic dreaming sounds and holy touches of electronic producer’s Valhalla.

Art Support Machine – People Theatre Engrenage Mix

It’s even harder to sit still when music like this is doing its heavy slapping in all it’s deducing tightness. The clubs will be bouncing upon their foundations when this remix is filling up their spacious spaces and the club heads inside. There is no escape from these strategic danceable pieces of nastiness, and without oil you’ll soon be feeling like a rusty robot with the best robotic dance moves down on earth. Epic material that gets everything right.

Tempelhof – David Carretta Remix

This remix is up there like the speedy high railway lines of the future, surpassing the speed limits traveling through the landscapes like a futuristic trans Europe express with enough friendly electric friendly vibes to make the traveling trip one of good melodic companionship.

Fetish [A.S.F.R.] – Mondowski Remix

Oh lords of leather, oh high heeled boots and kinky habits of fishnet stockings parading around with a whip; they are all cool but nothing beats the fetish of thick dark and prominent in your face electric dance music. Who can’t get aroused by these raw baselines and yet smooth sounding intoxication of synthesized goodness, the fat beat and the ludicrous warmth that is smothered all over these delicious sounds? Now that’s a true sound fetish right here!

I’m Your Machine (featuring Hard Ton) – Antoni Maiovvi’s Dungeon Of Dub Mix

Bubbling away on super sneaky well licked acid potential, filthy good vocals, housey vibes from the good old days perfectly coated in a modern layer of modernity ready to feed the heath with sexy electronic liquids that will get every floor in a hot and brewing mess of orgy based sensual disco dancers.

Lay My Eye – Machines in the UK reMix

This might be the tune that crawls itself in over the floor in order for you to join it and give yourself away in a slow but sexy body to dance floor session. The build up is sublime, one of the finest time stretched remixes to hypnotize the ears until they are ready enough to be filled and loaded up with the nicest dosage of audio acid to get super high upon. What more does a electro head want?

Silver Soul – Theatre Of Delays Remix

Now it feels like it’s the for something entirely different, a moment in which we can feel and touch the summers sun, enjoy phantomic beers on non existing terraces with potential sexy partners parading by our table. The music is fat, soulful, funky, highly potent for sexual stimulating encounters and intensive erotic sessions on the beach. The sound of the outside and good times!

Automatic People featuring Hanin Elias – Machines in the UK reMix

Here we are landed on a new version of a tune that smells of Gothic clubs with its perfect remake to let gigantic boots be fed to the beat, and spastic bewitched dance moves fill up the dance floor. When the scene is fully moving like a well lubricated groove everyone might forget their sorrows, their black mascara and how the world might see them as they raise the roof in a potential dancing frenzy.

The Dream Of The Machine – aMinus Remix

Then the sportive sound of electronic music is represented. The beat is food for sport shoes willing to do wicked moves and strange slides over the shiny dance floor until it’s even more shinier! A lightweight breakbeat, a super buildup of synthesizer material that takes it time to establish itself at the roof of the higher atmospheres. It’s like a sportive game of ping pong with synthesizer sweetness brewing up the vibe like a sportive match in which every contestant is a absolute winner.

Crystal Flesh – Carne Remix

Then there is something worthy of the underground, a positive amount of breaks that will speak to the classic breakbeat lover as well as the more adventurous head banger. The bass is of such thickness here that it’s hard not to feel it deep within and rock your head out on. This is a militant and yet free sounding tightness that could be the warrior music for a lost generation .
Sick stuff!

The Soul Of The Machine – Workerpoor Rmx

This one is a great skilled combination of pure nastiness with subtle subtle ness. The subtle part comes in the sound of laidback electric sax that seemingly flows against the stream like it just doesn’t give a flying f#ck. a little anarchist on top of a dance track that is raw like a pinball table on fire!

Automatic People featuring Hanin Elias – Millimetric Remix

Oh holy shit! This must be one of the fattest and high potent remixes out here on the album. It got the acid, it has the thick tempo, the right amount of irresistible groove and bewitching organic flow of minimal beauty on top of its minimal nastiness. It’s like sweet poison that you just want to drink even though it might do some good damage

The Way They Make You Feel – Cole Black’s P.O.P Redub 07:32

Oh yes! If you are searching for the sound of thick layered synth sound that will move you into the outer zone of electro pleasure; search no further! This trance inducing remix does everything you might have hoped for, pressing all the buttons at the right time; creating a feverish track of thickness that has this melodic sick flow accompanied with a steady beat to take you away to wonderland.

Art Support Machine – Lupe Remix

The moment to jump around like a happy bouncy sponge bob might be here. This sharp sounding electric remix is like a smooth razor blade aiming at the joys of life in pure electrifying form. This is club music that will lift up the mood and possible will create a happy magnifying fuel among anyone who feels it in their rubber bones and elastic fleshy meats.

Out Of Place – Cute Heels Dub Warehouse Remix

This is the out of place-place for more sexy prancing around on cute heels as the sensual electro vibe lights up the sound for some sensual body to body movements. The bubbling undertones in the baseline, the snappy slaps and the sexy singing will finalize the remix album with a certain horniness to get the hormones up and spinning.

Check it out and start the electro dancing at the following link:

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