the 1bits found in the search for Irrlicht Project

Hello, my name is Sherlock Bolmes. Evident pipe smoker, self thought detective with sensible nose and slightly blurry eye sight. I’ve been on a mission, one that made me hear and visit many chiptune locations, and even though I found lots of good music compilations; the person that I was searching for is still on the loose…

As a detective I’ve been going around searching for the one and only chiptune legend Irrlicht Project. It wasn’t that Irrlicht Project had gone missing, but it was more that I had been missing him. Or well, that’s incorrect; my client had been missing him & it simply had turned into a personal task in searching the entire world to track Irrlicht Project down as half way my first briefing I had been exposed to the music on his ‘Das Fuzz’ album, which was enough for me to pick up the magnifier, wear my detective hat and go searching for the person that had been missed.
I’ve been doing this just as a hobby as apparently the client (a certain poisoned chicken) had no money to pay my wages. Still I took this searching for Irrlicht Project – project up to me, as that’s the kind of good hearted detective that I am; besides I had no other more important paying detective jobs to do.
So how did the search for Irrlicht Project go? With ups and downs… the missing subject had not been found yet, but I’m getting closer and closer. To tell you some concrete bits of information that I found out by poking my detective nose at the right places; Irrlicht Project had been seen on the Battle of the Bits’ Winter Chip VII. It was 2012 but Irrlicht Project left many audio finger prints that easily could be traced with just a magnifier and a pair of ears. In fact even without any of these items, Irrlicht Project’s presence could have been spotted, as the musical proof is quite evident.

^ click to hear and view exhibit and proof number uno…

Irrlicht Project was also spotted at Winter Chip VI, where he had left an impressive hypnotic and sparkling chiptune that was evidence that could not only be ignored, it was evidence also vibrant and bleepy enough to turn every detective (and non-detective) into a frenzied beep tune dancing maniac. Check exhibit and proof material numbero two by clicking on it:


Something more like a fresher foot print of intelligence left behind in the online world must have been Irrlicht Project’s ‘onebitshit’. As a true detective I had poked my finger in it to see if it was a fresh ‘onebitshit’ (they would be warm!), but unfortunately Irrlicht Project’s onebitshit had already been cold, probably had been made years ago. The onebitshit looked well conserved though, and when I held it close to my well trained detective ears a lot of onebitshit music could be heard.


So many hints around, but still no sign of the missed Irrlicht Project,
maybe we can visit ‘Dat Fuzz’ again and see if he is there hiding between the tracks of that fantastic album?

to be continued…

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1 Response to the 1bits found in the search for Irrlicht Project

  1. Sherocks moles says:

    Dear colleague,

    I admire your efforts to fulfill the search without any financial rewards. Your search has been a decent one, ‘though you missed out on a more recent published participation on Battle of the Bits Winterchip, version IX.

    Keep up the good work and say hello to your client from me!

    Sherocks moles

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