The Bordellos – Grin

artist: The Bordellos
title: Grin
keywords: alternative folk punk garage pop lo-fi post-punk psychedelic folk St Helens
reviewer: The Borderliner

Free New Music Day brings a new sound coming from the Bordellos. This is one of fatness, like big farts bold and loud to form a bombastic marching beat for the Bordellos to smother their smell upon. The attitude is deliciously punk, telling the Bordellos meaning without camouflage, slapping the face with sound that doesn’t go out of the way for anyone.

Then a more slip flip flop slits revolution song of ludicrous revelation that feels as light as it is comical. The bombastic tone of the previous song has clearly exchanged itself for a more comfortable costume to swing in & the result is a lightweight precious work to whistle along with.

Next up in the line is the song ‘Hurting Kinds’ which takes another completely different spin on The Bordellos output over here. This is very chilled out, sentimental even; it makes me feel a bit with a stone in my throat, something drowsy, something sad… The Bordellos are here like a fragile grieving friend that wraps their music around our necks and offer a free drink to leave all the sorrows behind.

The Bordellos keep up the diversity with The Abba Lovers, which brings a more glamorous assortment of lo-fi music material. Do we hear a harmonica, a guitar along with the sincere sounding Bordello voice? Yep! And together they form a song of sentiment that feels as if the Bordellos hunker back to the good times of glitter pants and high kneed ankle boots.

Plasticine Man is probably the song that is the grungier one on this collection of 7 tunes. It’s conceiving the in your face attitude again, like a finger pointing in your face while educating you about the coming and goings of Plasticine Man. It’s raw, passionate and even has some nice double vocals towards the end.

On number six there is ‘Mark’s Sunday Experience’ which is one of the music pieces that might save your life, or perhaps your day. It takes this groggy vibe, as if you had enjoyed a bit of vodka and are now settled in a drowsy position towards a slow but welcoming mental breakdown; and then the music does its magic, turning things around and even makes you feel welcome enough to sing loudly along ‘music might save your life – might save your life – tonight!’

The best track (of course!) is the title track on the album, the name is ‘Grin’ and is a work of optimum planning, timing and exposure of great vocal allure. It might be minimal, but the effect of this track is phenomenal! Hear ‘Grin’ and all the other free songs by The Bordellos on the Grin EP at the following link:

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