Ansatz Der Machine – Tattooed body blues (official video)

Artist: Ansatz Der Machine
title: Tattooed body blues (official video)
keywords: tattooed body blues, video, music video, summer music. Bath salts
Band website:

On the 26th of April Ansatz Der Machine launched a brand new single. This festive happening of music and sound also came with the release of a very special video clip. The video had been edited by a person named Bram De Vreese, and judging at how smooth it all moves; we must say he is a darn professional.

The scenes had been shot in Sarajevo which within the video looks like a great sunny place to start a fun dancing frenzy. This must have also been Thomas Steyaert’s thoughts as he is seen dancing all over the place, moving his muscles into obnoxious forms and shapes, chicken wings, jumping up and down & slightly intimidating (or entertaining) the locals with a modern dance style that might as well be slightly inspired by the intake of Bath Salts.

But in all our sincerity, Thomas still wears his clothes and doesn’t go around attacking people, so it’s safe to say that he is just on the drug called ‘sun and music’. A thing that isn’t weird at all, simply because this single by Ansatz Der Machine goes so very well together with the sunshine. The combo of them two might be everyone’s legal smart drug to go a bit loopy! In fact the sun could well be laced within the music itself, as when played at a cloudy day it has the potential to move these grim clouds aside to quickly reveal the rays of light and happiness… Powerful stuff!

The magic is in the melody, some exotic material colorfully rambling around with some fine rhythm to get your kicks and licks from. To make the music extra content and bright; everyone’s favorite source of light had also nestled itself on the number’s summer vibe. This is naturally the voice of a certain guest vocalist named Bloem De Wilde De Ligny, someone whose vocal abilities never seems to not amaze & here simply sets the tune a blaze! (Yes, that rhymes!)

So here we have it, a designer’s summer drug in music form; concentrated in one single – single with the accompanying video clip for the total multimedia package. I have a feeling that the sun is already shining at wherever you are reading this, so roll up some sleeves and let the sunshine drive you mental with this friendly happy summer tune as the soundtrack to go berserk in happiness. Enjoy!

Order the album (on CD or vinyl) at the following link:

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1 Response to Ansatz Der Machine – Tattooed body blues (official video)

  1. linda says:

    Unexpected happy vibes! Every word of artist and title made me expect something with harsh terror noise. Even the bath salts mentioned in the review would put me on the wrong foot. Fortunately, I am not a speed reader and did click the link!

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