BOGUS PIPELINE – The Melt Solution

title: The Melt Solution
format: digital / limited cassette
keywords: experimental einsturzende neubauten sightings experimental rock noise prurient psychedelic rock shit and shine sludge whitehouse. sutcliffe jugend wolf eyes UK
label: Riot Season Records

On a beautiful non expected sunny happy day in which children play and birds sing alarm bells start to do their alarming thing. Before you could say ‘duck and cover’ the nuclear bombs are dropped and the radiation starts to infiltrate the now destroyed wasteland and its servicing survivors.

Leftover people might try reach out for the radio, searching the frequencies in order to find out what the hell had happened and if there are sparkles of hope. … Strange dark mood swings in the shoes as mutated weirdos seem to come out with militant machine guns gunning down the people that had strangely survived the bombs. The mutated robotic weirdos follow the heavy commands of army shouting while bombastic intoxicating vibes are spreading over the destroyed wasteland to make sure nobody can crawl back to life.


only 2 surviving tapes left!

Only the few stuck with their radio receivers might avoid the bonus disasters of the atomic zombie collapse, don’t make a sound and stream the frequencies for messages. Unfortunately no happy signs are received, but disturbing voices, alienating speeches, perhaps cry for dehumanized broadcasters, maybe aliens, or receptions that got lost in time and space; hell it might be even ghosts trapped in the radio stream.

One of the alarming sounds are coming from a nasty children’s toy. The toy emulates the sound of the bombing with electric wires inside. The fun of play time is long spoiled and rotten as the toy is now living a life on its own, beeping, buzzing and penetrating the left over ears with a voluminous show of nasty noise. The left over people that had escaped the jump of death might now live on without the usage of their ears. And if their ears had been resistant the radio might transmit even more material to soak up their leftover hearing equipment.

Strange alien monsters jump in the background, they speak a weird language, something nasty like a mix of a punk rocker in Heath and an explosive freaky baby with an attitude problem; trust me it’s terrifying when the voice transforms into a ex-girl who had lost her mind and freaks out at close distance.

Then silence, humbling deep bass and strange warrior sounds that sounds unearthly and eerie. A grotesque flying fleet of tentacles alien ships zooming around over the earth like a humming priest that could bomb with a peek of its third eye. With this final move of overall explosions, earth vibrations and bombastic scenes of death and decay you could just feel that it’s just a matter of time until this big brothers eye will find us, the last living listeners and finish us off.

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