heche – neon insone esquinas frigorífico

artist: heche
title: neon insone esquinas frigorífico
keywords: hip-hop/rap boom bap underground hip hop Curitiba
reviewer: Mikey ‘Just Doing It’ Brusselsprout

Just do it… Was the text of the invitation we received to review a release of Brazilian Hip-Hop. I don’t know shit about Hip-Hop and my Brazilian language skills are remaining far beyond minus zero. But hey; Just ‘doing’ it anyway…

It starts nice, warm and groovy with nicely ripped sounds in a pleasant short loop. But this happy surprise of a warm hip-hopping welcome is of a certain shortness, but that’s probably because it’s just the ‘intro’.
I had no idea Hip-Hop would have introductions… Or is this just a Brazilian thing? Anyway, I liked it ; so far so good!

Then there is ‘perdoe-me (ft. Tevin)’ which has this loopy melody that must ring a bell of recognition, yet I have no clue where it’s from. I can hear the original playing in my head, but it’s above ground music, so it’s our of my interest to register who or what. Is it R Belly? Scoop Dog? Beyondsay? Cane Vest? I hear the text ‘no matter what you do.. All the things something-something you do.. Oh.. I give up; no clue what the song or artist is that the loop had come from… Anyway still ‘doing it’…
And the music is of course more then the loop that makes me think beyond my knowledge: Hip-hopping.
But before I can say anything else, the track had hipped and hopped away and a new one hipped and hopped in its place.

This one is ‘vendo a grama crescer I (antes)’ and this has a nice slow beat, a voice in a language I don’t understand on a music form I’ve got no intelligence about. The voice seems a bit smokey, warm , young and croaky. The ending sounds a bit emotional, as if his voice cracked in a sentimental moment… Is that a Brazilian Hip-Hop thing?

Then ‘nós voltamos a vida (ft. G.E.M) ‘ does it’s thing, featuring the same voice as heard in the previous track and a girls voice who also seems to Hip-hop. At least two people that knows what hip-hop is and know how to do it in the Brazilian way.

bebida sem gosto (ft. Yojimbo) is next, and I find it hard to distinguish what the featuring Yojimbo’s task is? Is it the voice, the music? I’m clueless, yet I have to say that I like the piano thing that the Brazilian Hip-hop music had included over here.

Up next is ‘carta para heche (ft. Vurne)’ …might this be the Jules Vurne? Anyway I’m glad to hear this short track as Vurne seems to do his Hip-Hop vocals in a language I should be able to understand; English. Yet I’m so mesmerized by this fact that the short track simply passes by without me even obtaining which important chapter in Brazilian Hip-Hop is discussed over here in the foreign (to the Brazilians) language.

Hmm… You sure you want me to just do this? I really feel like totally incapable to be reviewing Hip-Hop especially Brazilian hip-hop. But well… …doing it…

Next up is ‘vendo a grama crescer II (depois)’ and it sounds a bit like a track that I’ve already heard on this release. Or perhaps it’s just that I can’t hear differences. The breakdown and the voice, the loop with piano… The voice young and smokey, with the emotional crack half way… It all sounds familiar, yet it probably isn’t.

Last but not least is ‘família importa’ which also features a nice rhythmic warm looped beat and repetitive lightweight piano bit and the Hip-Hopping Brazilian hip-hopping it’s words of (I presume) sentiment over the music.

I guess the release and my ‘just do it’ challenge has come to an end. I still don’t know anything about Hip-Hop, or Brazilian Hip-Hop; but I guess it’s about loops, warm repetitive slow chill beats, piano keys on repeat and of course the smokey voices and words. You really should just click the link… I mean ‘just do it…’

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