Ujjaya – De Retour

Artist: Ujjaya
title: De Retour
keywords: ambient, experimental, fieldrecordings, meditative
label: Spheredelic http://www.spheredelic.comhttp://www.spheredelic.com
reviewer: Guru Yoshua

The world of flora and fauna seems to be engaged into the music done by Ujjaya . We can feel the oxygen produced by the trees, we can hear the animals and the insects sing their sound of ‘hello we are here & we approve of this record!’. And of course there is the music, something that fits the vibe of going deep into a jungle of self-rediscovery to become much more at one with the universe and the nature that surrounds it. Concrete speaking we can hear melodies of a hypnotic and stimulating kind, working its mysterious ways under the stimulants of percussive percussion that wander us deeper into the path of knowledge.

There is plenty of time to refresh at the river, or perhaps drink some stuff from the fountain of magical wisdom and wash the hands into the portal of mind opening liquid dreams. Here the trip is as relaxing as it is hypnotizing in a peaceful and serene way. The flow of mystery and all-knowing knowledge is gracefully going around the ears in a full stereo experience, carefully massaging the brain until it’s so relaxed that it might see visions of inner peace and love. You can almost hear a wise Guru talking to you in how we are all connected, the music, the environment, Ujjaya, the nature, our hearts, minds and even our ears; what a peaceful thought this is and how beautiful it is to feel & experience it in music form. As a reward for the trip the music becomes at times rhythmic, so we can raise our hands up in the air and go for a little celebration of mental engagement.

From here we can only reach deeper into our spiritual selves, as we now getting more used to the cozy environment of our stimulating journeys in which the meaning of life had moved itself to the back, and replaced it with a state of just ‘being’ and listening. The sounds of music… The hills are alive… The birds are singing and everything is peacefully at ease with each other. It’s the music in which it feels as if we are witnessing a meditative revelation that could normally only be revealed through a trip accompanied with the guidance of a special Guru: But we skip the whole do-it-yourself- tour of Guru’s, training, meditation and traveling to the holy places in real life, by simply getting the gained knowledge served in album form…

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