Debutante – EP3

artist: Debutante
title: EP3
keywords: alternative, doom, drone, pop, lo-fi, post-punk, shoegaze, Zurich
label: Cruel Bones

With a bombastic amount of bangs the sound of awesome destruction comes in to thrill us all.Expect here your hairs blown in the back, faces twisted as if they had been attached to a person who just jumped out of a airplane from a high height. The sound is massive and thick, and that its brought in a tempo of a relaxed dinosaur just going for a walk is making it simply more wilder than imaginable.
It’s as if Godzilla casually climbs up a skyscraper sticks in his hand to eat some people like they are popcorn. The music contains guitars, a singing singer that has the sound and vibe completely under its spell and then for a minute or two the track gets hyper! As if the monstrous monster has noticed tanks on the ground and helicopters with amp tickling his furry underarms. The music is like the beast is waving his grotesque arms around, stepping on the miniature tanks and destroying all the human surroundings under the encouraging sound of music done by Debutante.

The wildness simple gets a notch more gruesome when ‘Yours’ kicks in. A fine earth quake shocker of a distorted piece of bass, drums and heavy singing guitars. The singing voice feels as if he sings with his tongue down his sleeves, and the energy gets superbly executed with the use of positive hyper synthesizer material that will make the hairs on your skin stand up. This is the sound that gets more and more violent, angry perhaps; excellent material to feel the hate in yourself and smash yourself up (we condone violence) until you are ready to check into the nearest hospital.

Then there is ‘Dresses (Crimson)’ which even though it keeps it tough and raw roughness in sound, kinda feels more like one of the more catchier material on the EP. It has this format of melody that gets catapulted in your head, anchored with some fine hooks just to make sure it doesn’t leave your skull. I have a feeling radio stations will be attracting more listeners when playing this tune: If you are a radio station, please pay attention!

Schim is the moment in which Debutante shows their skill to not only slay, but also create beauty in sound form. This track might fit the cover artwork the best; trees with leaves wailing in the wind; dramatic, captivating and a pretty sight (and sound). The sentiment seems to get a more drowsy but positive pulse in the last tune ‘Soliloguy. It has the fat drums, the words that gets into your veins, the melody that is dark, full of anxiety and yet has something empowering to it… All in all, a pretty heavy EP by Debutante and it’s waiting for you at the following link:

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