Empty Taxi – Eskimo

artist: Empty Taxi
title: Eskimo
keywords: indigenous electronic music
website: http://emptytaxii.com/

Eskimos are not only real, they are also a fascinating subject for artists and their imagination. Even non artists will be able to have immersive thoughts and dreams about the Eskimo way of life, their lives in the snowy surroundings, their sledge dogs, the big fluffy hoodies, their fishing skills and their igloos. If you live far away, the imagination might even go berserk when thinking about it, and when living in a sunny country in which it never snows; it might even beyond the realms of thought! It seems that one of the Eskimos depicted in the movie is a saving the girl from the oil, bringing her to the Igloo for a fine recovery among friendly friends.

But thanks to the Empty Taxi’s song and music video for ‘Eskimo’ we can even conclude that Eskimos are not only real, but also very surreal. At least they come across as ‘surreal’ in the excellent video & I kind of hope that the Eskimos would be happy to be the inspiration for this visual trip, and that the Eskimos being featured in it had approved the camera crew to film their interactions in their igloo showcase of intimate privacy. It’s pretty fascinating!

In general there is no need to talk about the music, it’s you know; up there with the greatest. The music you would hear when you think of ‘music’, the material you would like to hear when you are a self confident individual with a alternative music taste but no need to hear offensive things, or have the agenda point of pudding generations off. No, no this alternative kind of modern music is quite safe in that regard, being up there with the alternatives groups like ‘lamb’ and ‘moloko’ while not sounding anything like it: that’s what the ‘alternative’ stand for in this case. Different but likable and fair to say material you won’t have to turn down when kids or the elderly are around, and still makes you look cool!

And it’s probably also very cool outside in the Eskimo world. In the video it seriously looks like a magical place, in which long hairs draped in black oil paint the floors until it’s all dark. A place in which large fishes and human bodies dance alike, a place in which the snow dog’s howl proudly above the psychedelic artistic landscape. A place to drink magical drinks among trustworthy Eskimo friends in the cozy looking igloo settings…

for more ‘Empty Taxi’ please do check their official website:

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