NCN – Poultry in Motion – The Great Big Chicken Show

artist: NCN
title: Poultry in Motion – The Great Big Chicken Show
keywords:experimental animals chicken chickens collage collages comedy food humor mix poultry program psychedelic remixes strange San Jose
Words by: Toxic Chicken

As a sneaky toxic chicken I’ve been sitting in my egg headquarters, tapping my hairy cat and poisoning myself with laughter; some kind of detective is trying to track me down, but haha I’ve made so many eggs in the way of her search that the detective has been rolling from one side to the other! She must be hopelessly confused in the maze, asking herself what came first; the chicken or the egg? Of course the chicken came first, I mean just look at the sentence! Squak!


^ pictured above: me, Toxic Chicken in my secret egg headquarters with my hairy cat, and fugitive chickens observing the search of a detective…

But cause I’m a nice chicken, I’ve directed a whole bunch of them to come over… Lots of chickens! A welcoming party for the hardcore researching detective.. But to be honest they didn’t exactly came here for that; they have fled! The poor peckers!

They all have heard snippets of this chicken album that is out there, thinking it was a party for chickens… But it was an album that made all the chicken friends run up under my large toxic chicken wings for protection.. It’s okay! The more the merrier! The more, the more peckish we get! (All part of the plan!)

And with so many chicken refugees over here, it will be a case of where’s ‘Waldo’ for the detective.. Although she still might recognize me by my toxic green color… Anyway… She might be fine, I have no idea why she had been following me or tracking me down.. Maybe she just wants to join the party! I think we still got a human sized chicken costume for her somewhere… The detective would feel easily at home! Yeah, let’s make a party! A thing that with so many chickens around will simply be a splendid idea! This might be the best good time chicken party ever! Yes! Yes! pop the bottles of booze! Free!! and limitless!

The search for chicken is over!

But dear Chicken lovers, investigating detectives and egg friends might we for a moment all unite and observe the album that is scaring the chicken shit out of all who is chicken! A collage that all the chicken searchers have been searching for! The hell of chicken is sounding more in emotion than slow motion, and might I make a notion that chicken poop works well as facial and hand cream lotion?
Listening to the content of this album made so many chickens shit themselves from fear that you could simply bathe in that kind of chicken lotion…

In all cases, chickens; do not hear this album but get the hell away from it! A heart attack is just a ‘play’ away! Besides the door of my secret egg headquarter is open for you all.. We can dance! The Chicken dance!

But it must be said that the music on that gruesome chicken album shouldn’t be taken too serious, I mean the cannibalistic songs about eating chicken; who eats chicken? That’s crazy! Nobody eats chicken, right? Fellow Chickens? Do you eat chickens? If everyone would eat chicken, who else would provide the chicken music, or the inspiration for chicken music? Yeah, without chickens that album wouldn’t even exist! The power is in our feathers, friends!

Let the humans listen to this album, let them laugh about their references to our chicken bones, our language, and let them sing and talk about how delicious we are when fried… Let them hear it all as in the meantime we chickens will dance, drink and intoxicate ourselves with the finest poisons ready to finalize our plan to take over the human world! Squeak!

There are more of us then there are of them! And imagine humans being fried, served up with French fries and ketchup! And us singing songs about it! Oh the future is sweet! Squak! These are our goals chickens! Our revenge will be super sweet! Are you with me chickens? Or are you chicken?

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