Panama music loopholes

^ must hear Pakistani song to explain the Panama Papers…

The Panama papers… You heard about that stuff? No? Play the above video and then perhaps continue..

Some heavy stuff right, perhaps a little ‘Panama’ fun to cool down before falling into the big hole of Panama music?

The Panama papers… I don’t get the big deal about it… First of all, the whole revelation of this so called leak seems dodgy to me; where are the Americans? In the Uncle Sam theatre?

Secondly; where is the scandal?

I see it more as proof that the normal people and the rich elite that dipped their names in these Panama papers have something in common. Rich or poor; nobody wants to pay taxes! Right?

We should bury our differences and find some way in the middle perhaps…

And yes loop holes… Even though dodgy things; loop holes are still what they are; ‘loop holes’. If you had a position to jump through such a loop hole legally, you probably poked that loop hole until there was nothing left to poke.. You would use these loop holes until you would all feel completely loopy…

Uh… Sorry about that… Panama… We really should go to Panama music over here… hmm.. maybe this song gets us in the mood:

Anyway I felt sorry for the normal people and musicians of Panama; getting the ‘Panama’ name smothered under by these foreigners that had been jumping around in these Panama loopholes, giving Panama probably a bad name along the way through this leak… How could we shine a light on Panama without the negativity? Panama Loophole Music!

What about the album ‘Mar’ by Carlos Mendez? There is a nice low fidelity to the big time studio production sound available on this album, not sure if this is done on purpose; but it certainly adds to the warm sunshine glow that the music seems to breathe out. Carlos sings with his loving voice, and the music is as friendly as the friendliest neighbor. It’s perhaps Panama Pop, but it for sure takes you to the tropics! And don’t we all like to live there forever? Sun, sea, beach, trees? Even if time is up, don’t we want to come back reincarnated at the same place? Over and over again? Like a loophole in time and space, always ending in Panama with this Panama Pop album by Carlos playing forever until eternity? Sounds like heaven to me!
Anyway as you could see, to keep in the ‘loophole’ theme , I thought to dig up a whole bunch of Panama music that is so good you could play it in a loop. In fact all these Panama music pieces looping together, could be the positive Loop Hole that the world needs to distance itself from the so called Panama scandal & turn it into a positive Panama thing…

I mean hear this album by Son Azul for example.. It’s the material to play on repeat and on loop forever! Feel the sun deep within your bones, let the worldly rhythm captivate your legs, and feel the happiness that this musical action performs! Such warmth in the vocals, such groove, so Panama!! Positivism for the win! Just here those happy flutes, those claps, those captivating realms of happy swinging sunny times! Might this ‘Fotosintesis‘ album by Son Azul Loophole worthy?!


^ click to hear and play it on repeat (on loop!!)

Anyway, if you need some visual pleasure Panama style.. I believe the following video is one that could be up the musical Panama Loophole papers. It’s I believe traditional Panama music with a very interesting dance. It looks easy at first glance but it certainly isn’t. They go in circles, looping themselves as well as the music and it looks like a lot of fun too. Might be something to play on loop and try to dance along with:

Now that we have seen some folklore in the dance and music department, it might be nice to just see some images of how beautiful Panama’s nature looks like. Of course just images would be a little bit loopy, but when it comes along with ideal music that sounds innocent, jolly and fun these pictures really come to life. The music really gets that vibe of you wanting to ‘lalala’ or clap along with the melody, it’s happy stuff that would not be out of place to be heard (and seen?) on loop?

Pretty sure this isn’t from Panama, and probably has nothing to do with it. Yet, it’s too funny not to add Van Halen’s Panama in to the loophole of music. The video is really capturing the boys having a good time, attached to a rope dangling from the ceiling over the stage, putting up funny confident faces, jumping and playing their guitar riffs and other stuff… The song is probably about a girl named Pamela, which the song writer understood as ‘Panama’ but it turned out to be a great Panama tune:

Now that you’ve seen (and perhaps heard) bits and pieces of Panama’s music potential, you might want to hear and play complete albums on repeat… Might we recommend these so called ‘killer Salsa tunes’ recorded in Panama somewhere in the sixties and the seventies? I mean if that isn’t the kind of summer sunshine songs to go and dance in loops alone, or with a hip swinging partner, then what else is? Check it out over here and play on loop for a perfect Panama salsa celebration!
You know there is so much Panama music out there to play on repeat and add to the Panama loophole for forever listening, that it would be a gigantic post pointing it all out.. I guess, that if you are interested you could probably do your own search.. As we have things to do, money to send, bags to pack etc. Might be a good idea to respectfully end this post in honor of Panama’s music loopholes by listening to the official Panama National Anthem! (you might want to play it on loop… nobody will stop you!)

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