Vomir – Murderous passion is nylon seclusion

artist: Vomir
title: Murderous passion is nylon seclusion
cat: WARD030
format: limited tape / digital
keywords: HNW, harsh noise wall, experimental
label: Signora Ward

There are people out there who have a problem with the genre of HNW, they listen to it and will check their speakers if they are still okay, or complain about corrupted audio files as apparently ‘the music won’t play’ and only ‘noise’ comes out.

For those people it’s fair to say that there is nothing wrong with your speakers and neither is the file corrupt, it’s just the way you are listening to it. You are doing it wrong.
This might not count for all HNW perhaps, but for the HNW releases by the artist who I strongly believe to be the uncrowned king of the genre ‘Vomir’ it is pretty clear that the only way to hear it as it is intended, is by sticking your own head inside a plastic black bin bag.

You’ll have to try it, and be surprised how the sound of the HNW transforms into fantastic music, while wearing such a bag over your head. The results are like magic, the music better then Mozart and the sound becomes crystal clear and gets even better when you slightly run out of oxygen. Its beautiful!

Now that we have the instructions out of the way in the ‘how to listen to Vomir section’, it’s a good time to try it out. Do you have a black bag at hand? Or perhaps a nylon stocking? There is an excellent Vomir release out there that is worth to test the bag theory. It’s out on a tape, and of course already sold out (as fans of Vomir are pretty hardcore)

The content of this sold out tape (a limited edition of 100!) is luckily also available in digital form at the online home of one of Italy’s quality top record labels ‘Signora Ward’. On it (while wearing the bag – or in this case – black nylon stockings over your head..) the stunning sound of Vomir could be heard in all it’s might and glory, perfectly underlining that there is no one out there in the genre that is able to produce the warmth of coldness with this fine wall of brewing nothingness. The sound (when heard in the appropriate way) is taking heads away into a steamy stream in which the noise has become evident in being sparkly, mentally crushing, and strangely soothing and relaxing.

Of course you would miss out on the aesthetics when not hearing it in the appropriate way of listening to it in the right head gear, but now that you know how to enjoy the secret music of Vomir it might be time to open a can of beer and try drinking it while wearing the black bag – or black nylon pantyhose on your head: next level listening to ‘Vomir’ style!

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