Youko Heidy – Wer ist Christus?

Artist: Youko Heidy
title: Wer ist Christus?
keywords: alternative punk experiemental noise Japan
label: Mambo Records

Youko Heidy or Heidy Youko? The order of the artist name depends on where you go online… Who is Heidy Youko? There are so many questions and probably even more questionable answers, but let’s go along with the things that we do know without doing any massive research, interviews or the hiring of a detective.

Youko Heidy or Heidy Youko is an artist hailing from Japan. There are visual things Youko does and creates, but most prominently jumping in our eyes is a performing personality who clearly expresses by creating noises. There are quite a lot of figures out there who make noise, but non have the persona as Youko Heidy or Heidy Youko.

On Youko’s Facebook we can witness the art but also the artist’s looks; summer dresses with or (lately) without hair on the head. But on the artist’s YouTube channel we can really witness Heidy Youko in various live recordings in video form. There are so many of them that it’s easy to fall Into the trap and post them all in a singular enthusiastic post; But nope not today…

Today we listen to a single done by this artist, as to introduce yourself (if you are unfamiliar that is) with the output of this artist it’s a fine idea to step into it in a gradual way.. Testing out the waters.. A bit of foreplay before hell breaks loose… So what is not better then focussing at first onto the work named ‘Wer ist Christus?’…

Sounds heavy as a title. “where is Christ?” And in the German language it just sounds even a bit more heavier. It’s a good question though.. Probably in people’s hearts and memory? In the bible? In the basement? In the air? In heaven? In the media? In a title of a creation by Youko Heidy? I don’t know…

But maybe it’s not really a question but more a title of a game.. A game of listening to this track and try to find Christus inside of it.. If that’s the case; I’m convinced we gonna find Christus soon!


Hmm… Let me listen again…


Hmm… What are the odds? I can’t find Christus in the track! He must either be very well hidden, of perhaps a case of not really knowing what to look for. Perhaps everything inside the track is Christus? All the chopped up voices, the bass, the noises; who knows? I’ve never heard the voice of Christus before, and neither the sounds that Christus makes…

I was a bit surprised that the track had no church-sound going on, no gospel choirs, and holy organs… Unless they are there but they have been hidden too! Proof that Youko Heidie is good! Sounds that make you think and search, material that might make you want to scratch your head in wonder…

Not sure if Christus is out there in this track, he probably is, but just very well hidden or just so in plain sight that it’s still a mystery. But to make it up, might we play a alternative visual game of ‘Wer ist Christus?’… We fabricated some pictures, and the game is to find Christus in them.. Can you find him? Hint: he is the one on the cross…
(click the picture for a larger version…)

Can you find Christ On the beach…
With the supporters…
At the station in New York..
In Japan…
Check out Youko Heidy’s single over at the following link:

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