Noise Arcade – a compilation

Artist: Noise Arcade
title: a compilation
keywords: electronic analog synthesizer electronica experiemental experimental electronic idm 北京市

Unlike you might expect with an artist name like ‘Noise Arcade’ the music that this project had been falling into my ears had been far from noise. Well perhaps it’s about the definition of what ‘noise’ is, as probably everything that isn’t sterile and silent might be called noise. Even this collection of words is a noise, thoughts, a small breeze moving the plants, a brain fart; everything is a noise… Even a nose can be a noise, especially when you add an ‘I’ in the middle.

But noise or not noise, I prefer to say that the Noise Arcade material that had been witnessed by my ears is most definitely music. I wouldn’t say its Arcade music, as that would mean something else… Uh… so Noise Arcade is probably a very good choice as a name. Makes you think, right?

All bullshit aside, this release by Noise Arcade is again superb! I’m not sure if this is your first time hearing about Noise Arcade, but the sound of this project is pretty strong in its theme; making it recognizable material that you would recognize even if you didn’t know the name. But to recognize the style of Noise Arcade you probably must have heard tracks done by Noise Arcade before, otherwise it might be a bit weird.

In any case Noise Arcade’s music here and in previous releases, is pretty much material you should check out. It’s magical electronic music that really seems to dip into a style of its own that perfectly captures a uplifting and psychedelic vibe that is active and pleasant. I say that it sounds like magic because it’s not easy to put your finger on it, a unique thing is what Noise Arcade is crafting; a style on its own!

Because of that, it’s difficult to explain how the music sounds like; it’s like uplifting electronic magic. With itchy beats and rhythms and synthetic melodies that fly around to feed the energy of the listener, until a great enthusiasm pops out and you’ll be flying thanks to the power of this magical style of Noise Arcade’s tracks.

This so called ‘Compilation’ of tracks (which in all honesty feels like one big showcase cut in pieces is a great way to start to know the magical music-noise of Noise Arcade; or perhaps (if you had heard of it before) a great continuation of this style of special electronics! Highly recommend to click the link over here:

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