ambit – Piss Alley EP

Artist: ambit
title: Piss Alley EP
Keywords: electronic modular experimental electronic glitch minimal techno noise Michigan
reviewer: Alley Way

When ‘ambit’ is going for a piss, it’s better to put your ears close to receive and capture it all. Let your ears be ambit’s alley as it’s not the usual piss; this is active stuff, with beats, glitches and a certain funkiness that will make all other piss seems like shit.

Seriously when ambit pisses out the finest madness that is Ruff Drums it’s the moment you can feel the piss being excellently groovy, with electric funkiness, dogs woofing and drums drumming like a laser fight among hectic bums. It’s a good crazy time well spend, and that’s not said in a piss taking way!

I’m not illegal’ is another hardcore piss that ambit produced and this time it’s hardcore beats, a voice and it’s all getting playfully playful. It’s seriously the work of a person who loves rhythm and drums & to describe it as piss is pretty disrespectful. I really shouldn’t and describe is electronic glitch experimental music… But how else to get the spoiled readers their attention? I mean bombastic beat assaults doesn’t sound as interesting then wonderful rhythmic piss by ambit!

The last work is a nasty piece of shit noise, buzzing in melodic forms and it almost has hints of music in it. The sound is nicely buzzing, but in harmonic noisy ways. It’s the final ‘not really’ piss on the album, but does sound more like a case of problems coming out of the anus. Oh well you can be assured that spending time as a piss alley at a time that ambit needs to empty its musical bladder; you’ll be happy to receive!

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