Monkey Warhol – EP1

Artist: Monkey Warhol
title: EP1
keywords: electronic electropunk folktronica indie rock synth rock synthpop Minneapolis
artist on the web:
reviewer: Earl Y Morning Bird

It was 5 in the early morning as my listening session to the first EP by Monkey Warhol started. Sometimes you got to be sure you are listening to a release alone, just so you can hear things without other people listening in over your shoulders. When my review is finished you are very free to click the provided link and hear the release all mass as I’ll be long gone. Or maybe I’ll stick around for an unsuspected meet and greet!

So listening in the early morning to a tune named ‘Early Morning’ is what I had been doing & it was a good time & music combination. First instant thought was ‘well, Monkey Warhol is different’ and the second was something along the line of ‘it feels as the voice is a bit of a slurred one over here, perhaps still a bit drunk from a night out drinking poisons’.

I’ve not heard of Monkey Warhol before (I do know monkey and Warhol in separate form..) and that’s why the originality of its sound and music was the first surprise. Even though Monkey Warhol being so original, my early bird listening session did envision this bald head of a tea loving ‘Moby’. There is a strong hint that these hordes of ‘Moby’ lovers will love Monkey Warhol, it has that kind of Moby vibe, but with less tea & more caffeine (and a small dose of added liquor). If you like OR dislike Moby there is big chance you will love Monkey Warhol.

But let’s forget about tea and baldness, and focus more on the music. Early Morning with its active slurred sang song of arriving early in the morning on a beach (if I deciphered the words well..) is a positive and active tune that has so much potential to make early hangovers turn into positive things. There are drums, warm synths, (an organ?) and the passionate slurs (i keep on mentioning them because I love them so much…) and the style has something sunny and free & yet there is something that made me think of doing hard labour on a plantation and singing songs in the field.. Maybe it’s a song of liberation, with the ‘early morning’ being the liberator, half drunk and facing the sun on a secluded beach to sober up and party… Very original to say the least…

‘Let your hammer ring’ has this similar vibe of working and singing songs in the field, but it also sounds up and positive & actually kind of cute. I strangely see a vision of prisoners chopping up pieces in the sun, singing and hammering away in the hope to chop their chains and make a run for freedom. The music is nicely in tune with sweet melodies that makes the sound of hard labor into something that does sound full of positivity, drums and lovely melodic material to lift up the spirit for the greater mood!

Oh Lordy! Monkey Warhol than even spices up the energy a top notch further… This is done with active hyper break beat music with nice snapping snares and well placed hits. The synthesizer electric melody is as fun as the phrase ‘plastic fantastic’ and in combination with the singing folklore the material really seems to live up to the expectations of spicing things up. It’s really up material, active music for a dance.. It might be a bit early when I heard it, but it made me wiggle straight to the coffee machine in a very active and upbeat way.

‘A minor victory’ is the tune that brings a positive sound to the situation. What situation? Depending if you are working in the field, tumbling around on the beach of escape, or simply enjoying a morning coffee it could be all kinds of situations. The music is super positive, mellow melodies, fun sound experimentation and a steady reliable beat.. It has a sparkly feel which in combination with the voices that seem to sing to survive has something empowering in a positive way. Don’t make anyone or anything make you feel low seems to be the message within the music over here…

The last track is ‘I Be So Glad’ which seems to be the last song featuring the singing workers in iron chains, hammering around in a burning sun. Maybe it’s not the case, but that’s what I see… So maybe they will be glad when the chains come off and they’ll be hitting that beach age in early in the morning! Luckily the music itself sounds very bright and happy, giving enough melodic sweetness and modern beat to empower even the oppressed. I guess it’s good to say that ‘the road to escape into freedom is captured inside the music’..

With this my early morning session of listening to Monkey Warhol’s first EP had been done, and that makes the way for your own active involvement. You are fairly invited (doesn’t have to be early in the morning!) to click the following link for a surprising session: (remember if you like or dislike Moby then you would love this EP for sure!)

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