Various Artists – E-Con Records – Project Stardust

artists: Various
Title: E-Con Records – Project Stardust
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Project Stardust is a huge compilation full of electronic – synthesize-friendly dance able music with a continues space theme in mind. Next to it being dedicated to the so called starman, David Bowie (you might have heard of him), the tracks on this release also came together because of special story.. Let me copy and paste for you what E-Con Records had to say about it:


In 2015, E-Con Records was approached by The Great Youth Circus in America to produce a bespoke soundtrack for their 2016 live (and currently sold-out) show in San Bernardino, ‘Out Of This World”.
The music that appears in this compilation is the accumulative result of the sheer passion and dedication the many generous artists from around the world gave to this AMAZING Project by the GYC.””

Now that all the lovers for electronic music, dancing, synthesizers, acid, techno and synthpop friends are still here and the rest had gone elsewhere, it is a good time to discuss quickly the tunes on the compilation. Shall we?

Sleeplab – To The Stars (feat Robyn Holland)

If you like it pop, and you like it popping; why not try this tune out by Sleeplab? It got that pop theme in a electronic coat with prominent sounding vocals of a certain Robyn Holland on top. You can expect the material to aim at dancing shoes, but with its special spaced out space theme, it might as well launch the dance floor into another galaxy & provide an alternative sound for Startrek conventions. Weightless dancing might be difficult, but with a tune like this, it’s probably worth a try!

Vague Notion – Sunstar

Vague Notion seems to mix some future into one artificial housey space mix. It has this voice that reminds of the classic ‘are you experienced?’ tune, the slick beats and flow of the fancy house times, the synthetic synths and special effects from something in the futuristic future ; mixed with something that sound like a folkloric happening on a wood cut made flute. Lots of cultural trademarks in space, all working together for the same cause: The soundtrack for the Sunstar. David Bowie would smile from the afterlife…

Ok Sure – What Time Is It In Space

More bubbling and acid friendly is the steady track by Ok Sure. It has all the space sounds at the right places, also the lasers and the correct sound weeps to compliment the bubbling baseline of wobbly Wobblies are perfectly served up. Of course it’s all surrounded by a steady beat, but that seems like common ground on this compilation.

Deadlights – Ode to Taito

Deadlines seems to take over from ‘Ok Sure’ as if they had been separated by birth. But this one is the one who refrains from the acid tabs as a musical bounce within the track. Instead ‘Odd to Taito’ goes more for the synthesizer melody. It gives the tune a retro vibe that is full of people who are dressed in Abba clothes. Glitter pants and co! Ain’t it shiny?

Microchip Junky – To The Moon

Before going on its important to stand still for a little moment and think of the artist name. Microchip Junky… Yes, that’s right… It’s either referring to someone addicted to microchips or a ‘junk’ in someone’s pants the size of a microchip. Anyway, the music brought by Microchip Junky sounds pretty fantastic. It has this depth to it in which a listener can get lost while catching them at the same time with a cute chippy triumphant melody that feels like a theme for a positive minded moon explorer.

Liza Nicklin – Breathe

Liza Nicklin keeps the speak synthesizers working along with groovy material to go and space out with. The melodies are sparkling, moving and it’s difficult to stand or sit still. The title of the track ‘breathe’ is also nicely integrated within the music; almost functioning as a synthesizer layer on its own. What can I say other than that it’s perfect?

DevilMonkey – Galaxy Class (feat 12 Sandwiches)

More counting to be launched into an outer dance gallaxy can be heard in the moving electronic groovy tune by DevilMonkey. I’m very glad that DevilMonkey brought a sexy alternative rough electric guitar to play with the electronic dance music, it gives the whole vibe a tougher vibe; something that reminds of leather jackets and leather pants and fireworks while standing firm on flying comets. This has the industrial bite mixed with candid techno that always seems to be a great combination to raise the roof.. And in this case of a roofless galaxy we have no idea what to expect when this tune really kicks in!

aqwan – fire flies

Fire flies is a popular subject. Not long ago we had the unofficial exclusive non-exclusive opening of a fireflies tune by Sam and the Womp, and now there is aqwan with fire flies. It’s a completely different kind of fire flies and music captured over here though; it’s melodic and spacious with warm synthesizer material and the occasional sampled astronaut voices chipping in. It’s a nice electronic tune to feel lifted off the ground from…

Walter Fini – Stardust Race

The Stardust Race as depicted by Walter Fini is one not of excessive speeding, space accidents or cheering aliens as crowds… No this race is one of a temp that is smooth, electric, kind and calm. In space racing is simply sounding more civilized then the ones here on earth. It’s all about the shiny smooth moves, the mellow vibe of relaxed racing in outer space.

Asleep With Headphones – Transmission 3

Asleep With Headphones’s Transmission 3 is fairly enjoyable to hear on intimate headphones. Both ears will be thrilled with a more swinging drum, along with broad sounding melodic synthesizer material with a space theme. Of course there are the astronauts chatting, but they are not all over the place; neatly setup in between to function as MC’s announcing the breaks and the ending. It’s sounding pretty good.

Meter Bridge – Les Singes

A prominent four by four kick beat is the first thing that seems to establish itself within this track by Meter Bridge. Around it is a nice setup of electronic minimalism and special effects to create a nice warm depth in a robotic sounding ‘Les Singes’. It only gets a human twist when out of the blue a voice start to sing lyrics to the tune: It’s a heartwarming space moment…

Audioblivion – City In The Sky

Audioblivion is the first track on this compilation that stands on its own by bringing a heavier sound to the synthesizer electronics. The beats are heavy and slow, the depth feels enormous and spacious. The bass is going through the stomach and you know what; this feels oh so good! When Audioblivion adds a nice sparkle of light on top of it all, it’s just plain perfection. I wish it was longer because i strongly believe I could hear more of this for at least a whole day.

PTSD – Lil’ Pete’s Moon Trip (feat Nic Dea) 03:31

Well, this track by PTSD featuring Nic Dea is also refreshingly different. It will take us safely to the moon! It’s not a heavy trip, but it has this sparkling fairytales vibe made with sparkling synth material and great vocal story telling about figures dancing on the moon. The melody is super sweet and lovely; it really makes you want to smile.

Syntax – Catigern

More mystery and melody can be expected when hearing the wonderful mysterious sounding Catigern by Syntax. It’s an adventurous work, purely focusing on melody, spaciously traveling to the unexplored planets of music and the results are overwhelmingly beautiful with a dramatic but pretty undertone. Really nice! And love how the track becomes more epic and uplifting towards the end ; even featuring hand claps to clap along with!

Illustrial – Dance of the Aliens

When a robotic voice says ‘we come in peace’ you can fairly bet that this might be a little lie. But as after the little warning the music comes with the electric music for aliens to dance upon, it’s easy to believe that they indeed came in peace. After all nobody will conquer and kill when dancing to music like this: come on aliens, dance! Dance! Dance! Show us what you got!

Micheal Brückner – Aufruch – Die Weite Reise

Micheal Brückner knows how to build up the music and takes the time to do so with his track on this compilation. Slowly but surely Micheal Adds the funkier sides of music to make the nice groove a bit oriental in an alien friendly form. The music, with its baseline and playful hand played melody something that is hypnotizing in a fine music form.

Lazlo Kovaks – Church of Love

More synthetic synthesizer love can be felt in Church of Love by Lazlo Kovaks. It made me slightly think of a Kraftwerk track with an additional electronic violin to make it all more grand and lovable. It’s a romantic sounding work for lovers of the genre.

Ian Haygreen – Benji’s Trip Through Space

Ian Haygreen’s Benji’s Trip Through Space is something pretty special. Benji takes us through words through outer space, educating us as the track goes on with fitting music to make the trip into a smooth one. A great combo to take your head for a spacious educative flight among the planets

vANdERlAMP – Endeavour (Oxygen)

This track by vANdERlAMP takes on a rhythmic pass of percussion, with space themed paths to fly over. In this flight we are able to hear snippets from materials that we didn’t expect to hear, all working together to form a moment of mellow sci-fi dreams.

Xxena – Space Dandelions

For an adventurous but relaxing ambient work on this compilation it’s clear that you need to get your kicks in the pretty track provided by Xxena. This work is like a calm spacious flow, nicely flying around in a hypnotic state of absentminded rchill. This is the moment to take a step back and enjoy the Space Dandelions.

Schmaidl – Nice Day For A Fast Ride

The nice day for a fast ride by Schmaidl is really lovely, taking a old school retro vibe from movie-esque times, and melts it into the future with interesting electric sounds to make it all modern and ready. It made me day dream of The Thunderbirds Lady Penelope going for a drive in her extraordinary space car on a sunny afternoon.

Edouard Trolliet – Asteroid Field

Did you ever play a arcade game of Asteroids? Imagine your rocket now being a space ship out of the starwars saga and have fun shooting these asteroids before they crush your ship into pieces. This track by Edouard Trolliet is like the perfect game soundtrack with active beat boxing beats, and even the special shooting effects are included.

Ghostlike – The Universe is Expanding

A brilliant soundscape is produced by Ghostlike, and thanks to this compilation its here for anyone to enjoy. The music is mysterious, shimmering, and has this glorious movements of super depth, glorious expanding sounds that will leave you thrilling in your seat. Pretty cinematic!

BlackMarine – L’arbe de Songe (Tree of Dreams)

To end this official compilation in style and class, a dreamy piece on piano with beautifully sang opera is provided. It feels like a fresh breeze of goodness, carefully putting our ears back to the ground. What a collection of music, very spacious and generous. Find them (there are bonus tracks too!) over at the following link:

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  1. Cheryl says:

    Thank you for this! So honoured about the comment “David Bowie would smile from the afterlife” Wow! Cheryl from Vague Notion

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