Beatrix Carlotta – Building The Perfect Man


Behold the sight of The Perfect Man ^

Artist: Beatrix Carlotta
title: Building The Perfect Man
keywords: performance, art, video, building, perfect man, live performance,

What do you need to build the perfect man?

– A man
– A brain
– A heart
– A satisfying ‘you know what’


– A operation table
– Protective eye gear
– A magic hat
– A curtain
– A saw
– A drill
– A collar


– Professional confident women who know how to handle these tools & know how to convert a man into a perfect one.

Within the next video you will witness such a transformation process. You’ll see the unexpected silly imperfect man being sedated by magical powers and then operated into perfection. But as this is the kind of operation you shouldn’t go doing yourself at home, the operation-action will be done in secrete ways. After all this is the product of professionals who know what they are doing, so it’s best to let them be the only female Frankensteins who do this kind of special turnaround conversion as it’s not that easy as the list of tools suggest.

Imagine you putting the ‘you know what’ at the wrong place, having it placed as a nose that can grow like Pinocchio.. Or the heart being added in the head and the brain at the place where the heart would have been… That would be disastrous…

So yes, better leave it to the specialized professionals. And as you can see them at work in the following video, it’s best to observe and be wowed away by the quick results. Maybe if one day you’ll be out there coming across ‘Beatrix Carlotta and friends’ you can supply an imperfect man for their stage act conversion, or perhaps if you are an imperfect man yourself and have enough of it, you can simply wander around on stage in the hope to pass out and wake up being perfect.

Anyway, here is a fascination video of the successful and interesting operation:

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