copor – bedroom session part ll

Artist: copor
title: bedroom session part ll
Keywords: free improvisation, experimental, prepared guitar

One thing is ‘bedroom music’ but another is actually inviting a listener to place their ears in the interesting but intimate setting of an actual bedroom. Copor from Croatia does exactly this with this very close up and personal release named ‘bedroom session part II’.

It’s really personal, making you almost feel at home in copor’s bedroom in which copor showcases sounds made with the material in the bedroom space. One by one they are being touched; you can hear the room and the things inside it taking shape. There is a guitar, but there are also other things to play with. You can hear the croaky seating, maybe a peek of a harmonica. the echo between the walls, perhaps even a toy-piano in a corner.

As we as listeners settle down and make ourselves comfortable, copor starts to play dreamy material at a time and space that sounds like the artist totally being unaware of us listening in. Eyes glazing in a distance, music done so relaxed that you can just feel the slower pace of the island in off season. It’s the material to hear when you want to have a friend around but not one who speaks, but one who is just there to bring comfort and mellow music relief: a good friend.

The music session is so laid back that it would fit chilling out activities in the sun or at the nice evenings with absolutely no stress related issues around. This is the release that makes the bedroom of copor a safe harbor for the ultimate safe and homely experience.

In this bedroom there is no room for speed, for headache and troubles; this is the bedroom in which time stands still while dreams slowly pop in for a neat little break. Copor’s bedroom session is one easily to be imported in your own bedroom facility; bringing the magic of copor’s peaceful and ultimate slow relaxing bedroom atmosphere to your own. As a friend it will comfort you and hold the position of good companionship to have around, but at times of sleeping copor’s music might also be of great help. In that case it’s the pillow and the musical blanket of dreams, slowly taking the mind away to other worlds, perhaps other relaxing bedrooms, with pretty nightly visions of pure stress relief. This is ultimate material to dream away with!

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