TVMESSIAH – Chocolate Boi [Spoken Word Electronica Remix] (Featuring Acid Mike)

title: Chocolate Boi [Spoken Word Electronica Remix] (Featuring Acid Mike)
keywords: electronic experimental poetic video
reviewer: just a Dude

It’s been ages that we have heard of the always stunning project that is TVMESSIAH. As a fan I was over the moon when receiving a message that they are back, and with lots of plans to come even more ‘backer’ then ‘back’.
The first video described as a ‘electronic experimental poetic video’ is perhaps rather short, but enough to know that TVMESSIAH has grown in words, visuals and self medication.

I’m not kidding; in a fairly short amount of time the eyes are being flashed with the finest visual special effects available, giving you the visuals normally only reserved for intoxicated world-watchers. Thanks TVMESSIAH for making it available to the sober public: a responsible & healthy way of exchanging knowledge normally hidden for the straight edge life visitor. Oh, I almost feel poetic too! I guess it’s time for an inspired bad case of poetry,
are you with me? …

Chocolate Boi

I’ll bet ya wanna die ya’
as there is a new video out

I’ll bet ya wanna see it
as you wont believe
its totally shit

normally only forcibly heard
when tied to a tree:
A new project of poetry

Prepare to breathe in fresh life
spoken word with electronics
oh hell, no; will we survive?

flashy images & words
praise Jah!

This ‘The Chocolate Boi’ poetry
living on the youtube
out there to get you and me

This poem was not written by a couple of ducks,
but hear them quacking;
Yeah I Know It Sucks.

The poem by TVMESSIAH is luckily a hell lot better,
but that’s why they are the TVMESSIAH and I’m just uh…
… shit… I have no idea!
Here watch and hear the poetic electronic video while I figure out the meaning of life and other stuff:

for more TVMESSIAH and their music output,
please feel free to move to the fruit department and go for the apple section:
or check out the official website:

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2 Responses to TVMESSIAH – Chocolate Boi [Spoken Word Electronica Remix] (Featuring Acid Mike)

  1. Marie says:

    @tvmessiah i want you to cum in me so i can drag my pussy across the floor and pretend I’m a snail xox

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