thruoutin – Fine Valley Pass

artist: thruoutin
title: Fine Valley Pass
keywords: ambient beijing downtempo electronic electronica idm ambient breakcore field recordings glitch piano soundtrack techno Pittsburgh
label: Aud-Art

thruoutin will bring us on a very friendly and special trip into the unheard side of China. The audio adventure starts with 剧 (opera) which introduces us to the sounds of the street, the traditions, the people and even some lost tourists. It’s a really friendly and welcoming introduction, to a release that only keeps on getting better and more amazing.

When you hear 水 (water) for example, it is like a modern piece of absolute warmth that fits the calm water sounds that is captured here in the recording. The great use of field recording and ambient is a really nice way to visit China in the shape of a beautiful sunny dream. The music here feels like a high case of meditation.

The wonderful trip then takes us to a buzzing Chinese 市 (market). You can hear the market people negotiating, selling and praising their goods and all the special market activities. It’s a place that is very alive, and thanks to the wonderful music that compliments the scene the market place is one to be seen as a beautiful place, something you feel being watched by a greater being in peace with the universe while watching the busy people doing their things. Never have I heard a hectic market scene depicted in such a beautiful and mind calming way. The music with its deep bass, mystique cultural ambient that feels modern and yet in touch with the past is truly doing miracles over here.

Then we visit the 草 (grass) which is sounding like a place where the proudness of Asia (the sun) has been captured to bring us warm kindness. The music is going from the ears straight into the heart, sounding like we go deep into the grass roots that sounds freshly cut by an enthusiastic gardener. There is a rhythm to it that leads us to the end of this wonderful petite insight trip into the beautiful Chinese world.

Luckily the release isn’t over yet as Jana Sleeps remixes 草 (grass) for our continuation of audio pleasure.
Here we are stimulated with the heartbeat of excitement when traveling special places. The thrill is sedated with ambiance that feels like it wants to take us away into the deeper realms of dreams.

But please don’t fall asleep just yet as Escaping Animals’s remix of
市 (market) is also very much worth to hear in alive form. Here the music gets a nice big beat to compliment the pretty scene of synthetic market-ambient. It’s a slow case that feels like an out of the world experience in which we fly over the sound snippets like a group of birds spreading their wings. It’s a lovely experience…

水 (water) (illl 1985 remix) makes the original track seem like a completely new thing. Here the music has gone very melodic, mysteriously sweet and dreamy. The melody is one that seems to make the sound of water into the cutest thing you have ever heard… If this isn’t the sound of love then I don’t know what else is!

The remix of 剧 (opera) by Eigenheimer is also one that keeps the sound of beauty high up in the air, pretty spreading a combination of bright and deep depth of ambient music into a sampled sound brew that sounds like birds calling us on repeat to join their dream flight.

市 (market) the Johnny Jitters remix takes on the scene with a bit more weight then the other remixes. The case is lying in the bubbling underlining electric bass that wobbles the market scene along with a slow but prominent beat. This remix would fit a slow motion dance, something that combines meditation and body movement at the same time.

Then to top thus already perfect sounding release off there is the superior lengthy dreamy remix of 市 (market) done by ilkae. For more the thirteen minutes the music goes for a dreamy vibe in which the market scene is revised and revisited like a thought of mystery and feel good wonder. Hear this for an excellent dreamy ambient trip into western China:

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