RGB – Uowis

artist: RGB
title: Uowis
keywords: 80s dark wave electronic future-80’s new wave pop analog synthesizer future jazz jazz minimal wave minimalwave synthpunk synthpunk pop garage euro New York
label: http://www.afasoundmachine.com/

The big labels in the record business have been fighting hard to have RGB signed to their roster. They have been fighting among each other in mud baths, boxing rings and even popular dance offs. And in case you might wonder why; it’s the goodness of the music. The music might divide the executive record labels like fighting cocks, but their mutual ground in loving the music and seeing the potential of the artist who created it, should have actually brought them together in a more peaceful gathering. Oh well, life isn’t perfect & neither is it that peaceful.

Our latest update is that most big shots record labels like Worp Records, Wormer Bros, and Mote records all ended up with broken bones and noses into the hospitals of their choice, as the representative fighter of the well-known AFA records had managed to convince RGB to join their forces for a well delighted collaboration.

Our spies can’t wait to see how this relationship between the two champs will go and what it will bring to our ears in the near future, but for now it’s a nice idea to hear the artist’s music just to know more able what it was that they have been fighting so hard for: The music!

The music is like the golden eggs from a rare goose, you can hear the might and personal glory easily from under the dusty Lo-fi layer. Just brush it like Aladdin’s wonder lamp and behold the talent that pops out like a little low tech genie.

The beats, the grooves, the melodies, the singing (oh the singing! All talent shows would close down with such talent around!) RGB has the voice of the next century, clearly ready for many years and lots of generations of entertainment, with a possible goal to perform for months for a packed crowd at a late night club in Las Vegas. It’s hard to imagine Frank Sinatra and Elvis producing their own music, but RGB certainly does! And it’s not even so hard to imagine! It’s clearly because the music is in RGB’s blood and thanks to that; everyone wants to have it into their ears… Record labels smell this from light years away!

But don’t wait for these deals, don’t wait for the monkeys with neckties; we know your ears and intuitions are much better to trust. We know that you know when quality music had come your way, as it hobbles on plastic wobbly baselines, swinging ricketicking beats and lo-tech mellowness. There is something very catchy to it; something that makes you want to ‘catch it’ before the others do. And now is your chance to hear the brilliance of RGB before the artist lives on a well-earned ‘Neverland’ and has cult status greater than any star on Broadway.

Hear this, dance to this, feel this, and feel good about this… As RGB is exposed here in all its humanity, before the big business of AFA sugarcoats it with golden records, grammy awards. This is the electronic music with a human soul that is still pure and beautiful… Better be quick and let the tunes electro lo-fi rock you in sublime ways!

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  1. RGB ❤️💚💙the future of synth

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