Caleb Voronwë – Complacency Disorder

artist: Caleb Voronwë
title: Complacency Disorder
keywords: punk grindcore harsh noise noise power electronics punk Detroit
label: TRASHFUCK Records
reviewer: Simon Hit

Caleb Voronwë’s Complacency Disorder is bringing the sound that gets under your nerves, peels them open to insert all kinds of electrodes that will electrocute and annihilate all outer and inner body movements. Think of the sounds of fax machines shoved deep into your back hole, the feeling of your head being the ball being mashed about inside a flipper table; this is the stuff that will keep your ears bleeding and the heart sopping for more.

The voluminous session is thick in the ears, buzzing like an evil humming goat who is overseeing your tournament with a satisfying grin. (and possible a bottle of gin?) The mood gets nastier half way; infiltrating the ears like a parade of assaulting electric wired cables that had lost their mind and are now roaming around in your skull to fuck you up nicely. They go deep, affecting both the lower case hearing capacities as well as the higher ones: perfectly making all healthy music lovers into a blubbering bunch of drooling blobs..

There is a short moment in which Caleb seems to feel sorry for you; a cry could be heard, almost preparing the listener to cry for their mothers… But there is no escape of the Complacency Disorder as it gets into the ear wrecking zone in a rapid speed; scraping and hurting the heads that feels like being ran over by a tractor with knives as wheels. And then again, and again with more nastier sounds of violence for the ultimate salute into audio hell.

There is more to explore in this blood rushing stream of noise, slowly making us a bit more comfortable until the mind is so numb that the assaults of painful audio blasts are mere cement fists that punch us in the stomach for a good puke. Caleb plays well on the lower sounds here, feeding us with extra bass to totally get a case of diarrhea from. But when this comes out, the noise is getting into such extreme zones that the listener will be projected by its own feces, body liquids and blood. Pretty gruesome material, but with extremely good fear inflicting electric guitar moments to be wowed away with.

All in all, Complacency Disorder is nasty, but there is so much to this nastiness; it’s quite adventurous, never the same and very hands and ears on. To me it reduces the listener into a pulp of nothingness by over ruling it with sounds that are not there to please you, but there to please Caleb not pleasing you! Get your thrilling torture tape over at the following link:

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