Fart Banshee – Fart Banshee 0

artist: Fart Banshee
title: Fart Banshee 0
keywords: experimental blank banshee chillwave fart joke parody vaportrap vaporwave United States

Farts is only one F away to become Arts, but on this release the arts and farts come close together for a smelly but pretty satisfying combination. Although there is more to it then just farts (electronic sounds and beats) the actual farts used are one truly farted out by a professional.

Each track on the album features different farting ways, and this results into things that are often hilarious, but actually sounding quite cool too. Normally we would run away from such intense farting scenes, but here it’s the farts that makes you want to dance with glow sticks in the air.

There is one track that doesn’t seem to build upon farts, but it still has lyrical content featuring the subject. How arty farty! The LSD farts on this release are the ones who are wet and dirty, while others are jolly or even uplifting. It might sound strange but this release makes you rethink about farts as just things that happen to slip out; they are actually very useful instruments when farted correctly at the right time and space & of course tone!

I feel like the one who made this record had practiced a lot, and probably gassed its studio (risked its life?) to build this farting extravaganza for your pleasure. Better hear it and appreciate that smell isn’t included in the music:

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