Monkey Warhol – EP2

Artist: Monkey Warhol
title: EP2
keywords: electronic electropunk folktronica indie rock synth rock synthpop Minneapolis

Hi and welcome back. And if this was your first time here; you’ll be back… …. ….. Hope you are awake as I have a little game for you to play. I’m gonna show you two almost identical pictures and you have to find the differences. Hint: there are many!

So…. How many did you find? If you had only found one then you should have thought of looking behind the picture. Behind these pictures there are worlds apart in differences. Where one picture had this Moby atmosphere going on, the other is an upbeat case of pop rock catchy fun to sing and dance on. It’s a pretty big difference and if you are familiar with one of these items, you’ll be surprised to hear that they are so different. And if not; well congratulations as then you might be Monkey Warhol himself!

The content behind picture 1 I’ve fairly discussed somewhere over here, but the content behind picture 2 deserves some equal attention. First of all the ‘I Get What I Want’ tune… What a tune! What a tune! What a tune! (Saying it triple brings good luck, or teleports you straight to Kansas..) ((so I have been told…))

I get what I want is such a hit, wild music, extremely catchy and yet so fanatic and uplifting in how it all comes together. You can instantly sing it along at your first listen. It has such a good hook that I have a feeling that Monkey Warhol wants you to get into it until you’ll be a supportive fan for life. But don’t worry if not, as if Monkey Warhol doesn’t get what he wants, it’s exactly what he had wanted…

I still don’t want to go to the next tune, as I want to play this song another time and say that it would be a great anthem for a lot of determent people who know what they want. Somehow I imagine GG Allin (may he rest in peace) doing a cover of this while he shits on stage and the crowd sings encouragingly along with the song…

Then there is ‘Alien Syndrome’ which also has the energetic physique in its musical coat. This time it’s apparently about kids who stare at the sky in the hope to witness some aliens flying by. Or perhaps they want to be abducted for a free space ride… It’s good to watch the sky but always beware of the pressure in the neck muscles… I know some people who had been staring at the stars too much and now can’t bend their heads into normal forward position, meaning that when you speak to them you are talking to a upwards chin and neck…

The music has some fine structure, beats that made me think of mathematics, sounds that made me feel like putting of clothes and jumping out of the window pretending to be an alien. Energetic music is something you feel on your back like a pair of wings drenched in a bath of energy drinks…

What I had forgotten to note down is the great and important use of synthesizer material on this tunes, they are very important and it’s get underlined even more with the lovely (and romantic?) ‘Open Highway’ track. This one might not have the energy to lift off, but it does not calm down either. It’s a positive pop electro synth track that feels like it needs us to switch on the flames from a lighter and wobble our raised hand sweetly from one side to another.

Lady Electric brings back to hyper hypes of energetic sounds of music back to the EP. The voice is on your ears like a rock n roll super star who’s Warhol wig is on fire. The beat is tight, rumbling along with the electronic sounds for ultimate fatness, even hitting a slight nerve at the final end of the tune.

The last piece of mad blast of pinky punk energy comes as ‘Lifeboat’ which is like militant machine gun hammering in outrage with a neat game sound melody to make drowning more pleasant as Monkey Warhol pushes you a little bit under water, shoots at you to make sure you’ll stay under to say ‘hello’ at the fishes.

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