Od.ra – 4 / 5

Artist: Od.ra
Title: 4 / 5
keywords: dub electronic experimental hip hop industrial musique concrète United States
label: Poverty Electronics https://www.facebook.com/povertyelectronics

When the legendary members of experimental mentalists are sharing their brains together for a passionate collaboration, you can only expect a little party to be jumping up and down for. There is no heaviness when these brains connect as it’s more a lightweight groovy feast of almost random electronica that is keeping the kick at the right places to follow your rare innovative dance moves.

Even when the two brains go for a more bombastic beat material, the outcome is delicious. This is the material to be sexualized about: just play it, and let the freakishness of the music turn your body into the one of a flexible snake for some intense sexy body movements. The only sad thing is that the release is ultimately way too short. But perhaps that’s good, otherwise the sexy boneless dancing might become too arousing to focusing on hearing the material that had you going at the first place.

Poor electronica people unite and hear the collaboration of Travis Johnson and Jukka-Pekka Kervinnen at the following kinky link:

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