Tomas Thwaiter’s Goat Suit – Tu Sei Arrivato

artist: Tomas Thwaiter’s Goat Suit
title: Tu Sei Arrivato
keywords: experimental tilburg art art music art pop art rock artmusic broken experimental french touch music records tactical ted toaster Vlieland
label: Broken Toaster Records
reviewer: Simon Hit

Live recoded at Club Tilburg is this Tu Sei Arrivato by Tomas Thwaiter’s Goat Suit. It’s pretty ‘what the fuck’ as it feels like we are listening to a mental meltdown on top of loud music, of a human who poetically talks or shouts (and attempts to play on guitar..) in a way that you’ll think he must be in need for medications of some sort, or perhaps having its stomach pumped to extract already taken medications.

The music ;aside from the improvisational mental breakdown of the bringer of the voice who begs at times to have the music quicker or harder as the drama unfolds live), is like a wall of sound with drums and guitar in a noise way. They seem to react on the outcry by the mentally tormented beholder of the microphone… It’s quite a heavy scene to follow…

Even though I’m able to pick up some of the words by this person, yet I haven’t the slightest idea what it really is about; but it seems to be a tournament of loudness and interaction between band and the semi voice music conductor. One moment he seems to give a tip to the male visitors of the concert to stand with their arms (or legs?) up in the air to release more manly hormones.. Something he seems to attempt himself which results in another cry out of anti-sanity.

The music in general is enough to wipe someone’s brain out, and I’m suspecting that the supplier of the voice is fairly emotional on a chemical cocktail, perfectly in a shape of an experiment in a how he will responds to the music that is being produced at the spot. To end this on a positive note; the band seems to make it into the final act and receives loud applause by the people in the club. It’s one of these concerts in which you probably had to be there to fully feel and observe the madness as it was intended, yet this recording gives us a great look into what you might have missed (or when attended: not had missed..) you can enjoy this experiment of mental breakdown at the following link:

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