Fire To The Stars – Made of Fire (video)

Artist: Fire To The Stars
title: Made of Fire (video)
keywords: alternative, chill, pop, emotional, video,

Fire To The Stars had made new music, and (if that wasn’t enough!) also a new music video. The music video needs some special attention as it left me with the feeling of a heart being ripped out. Not sure if that was the intention; but somehow the music and visual images of a diverse group of people (alone or in pairs) had a certain sadness over it that I personally didn’t know how to place, or deal with.

Why this feeling of sadness? Why this feeling of a heart being ripped out? Why does this video made me cry for half an hour hidden away out of sight in the nearest toilet? Why? Oh why? I have no idea, really. Something about the scenes or perhaps how it is filmed in combination of the music and song… It just tears me up, wiping my eyes with the rolls of toilet tissue like a true emotional wreck.

I can’t really figure it out why the eyes got so wet, as what was depicted in the video shouldn’t really be that tear-jerky. Or maybe it is just that showing humans in all their private privacy and vulnerability is doing something to the senses of sensitive people. It’s a check perhaps if you as a viewer or listener have feelings, or are perhaps a psychopath who is unaware of these cry baby things in human beings.

Anyway, this video could be an official psychological test: if you are a stable person probably nothing will happen / if you are sensitive one, you might be crying like a tear sobbing reviewer / if you are a psychopath, you’ll probably have blank thoughts about making a human Pathé out of all the figures depicted in the video…

You can hear this song among others at he fantastic new album over here:

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