ihä – Ironía

Artist: ihä
title: Ironía
keywords: ambient drone experimental minimalist noise outsider post-rock psychedelic Chile

ihä strums itself in along with a guitar . With this strumming like a slow moving river stream the music seems to fade in in a gradual way. The rhythm of the music has this flow that fits very well with rowing a boat; you know paddles in the water, splashing them on both sides to get the boat moving in a forward or backwards destination. The music fades out a bit quicker than expected, but not abrupt enough to fall over board and start drowning for.

Then it’s time for a next track. This one has a very lengthy title which goes like this ‘Todo lo sólido se desvanece en el aire, todo lo sagrado es profanado’. The music takes a similar entrance of the previously placed track; slowly moving itself in to establish this pretty sensible guitar stream to zone out with. But unlike the previous track it doesn’t feel like we need to paddle our way through an imaginative river, as now it feels more like the music takes us down the stream.. Slowly speeding up or perhaps opening up; making it an experience that feels a bit like moving slowly to a pretty waterfall. The color of music becomes richer and full, it is much more exciting than just a dull summer afternoon’s ride, yet the stream if music might mean we will drop hard down along with the flow. And believe me or not, this imaginary fall through the waterfall is exactly what this track is going for.. A little bit louder, a bit of musical splashing filling up the ears and lets wish good luck to you all.

What follows is probably a look into the other side. Not the other side of a annoying Adele song, but THE other side. You might not believe in it, but it’s clearly the sound of heaven that we get served over here. It’s good to be half dead from the waterfall fall, as a spectacular revelation of heavenly ambient drone you simply wouldn’t hear without it.

And then another revelation appears as now it happens that the artist has captured the beautiful and calm satisfying sound of the afterlife after the after-life. It’s like heaven but behind the curtains of it all; something in which the panicky of realizing that we have passed on has faded, and only light can be felt and heard to make us body-less souls into feel good spirits.

It is pretty exciting to find out what the artist has captured for our ears after the sound of heaven and the music of the afterlife after the after-life… The title is ‘La melancholia de América Latina’ and strangely brings us the combination of the heaven and the row your boat tempo that had started this release. It is a nice tempo, relaxing while heavenly floating the boat while working out with both angel wings (i mean we mugs row with the wings now that we are in the sneak peak sound of heaven…)

Then with ‘Sin economía’ it’s time to raise our body-less creatures of spiritual lights up, open our wings and start flying from the clouds towards the sun. Why? Perhaps angels are like moths; attracted to the light.. The music that brings this journey of a flight the best atmosphere is dense, warm and very fitting. See you all later in the sounds of the after life after the after-life!

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