Lefterna – Hans Castorp’s Magic Mountain

artist: Lefterna
title: Hans Castorp’s Magic Mountain
keywords: black metal experimental raw black metal ambient dark ambient drone noise Massachusetts
label: DEFILED LIGHT http://defiledlight.tictail.com/

Lefterna does something with audio that made me relive the transition from a heavy rain into a warm shower, and back again. It’s a vague memory, not even sure if there had been clothes involved or just natural in the costume that Mother Nature had given me.. But it’s a memory superbly retrieved by this audio material.
It even recreates the water having entered both ears, leaving the hearing in a very muffled condition. You just wished someone would pull and twist the ears to get the water out to be able to hear it all clear again…
The other part of this release goes for a completely different style and idea. There is no image of rain and showers, or water stuck in your ears; it’s one that refrains from all wetness. The music, minimal as it is, interacts with the sound of silence like a good relationship with lots of respect for each other.
It’s coming across very kind and subtle. Tiny harmonic vibes could be spotted in the minimal bits of sound, slowly transforming itself from just a nice sound among silence into a master piece of music that could well stand up to a shimmery classical piece of music.

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