mhz_ – tsundereflex [2015 Remaster]

Artist: mhz_
title: tsundereflex [2015 Remaster]
keywords: dub electronic experimental hip hop industrial musique concrète United States
label: Poverty Electronics

The mysterious person behind the even more mysterious project mhz_ is a big fan of reviewers and their reviews. Whenever someone gets the idea to start a review site, or simply picks up a pencil to start writing a review, the identity behind mhz_ feels it in his toes, stomach all the way up to the top of his head. He will loath this person who had the idea to convert into a reviewer with the finest stimulating words of support, totally unarming every new reviewer in the entire world with bliss of respect and warmth towards the new initiatives.

Nah! Just kidding! The person behind mhz_ hates reviews, and all who even think about writing a review will be subjected to him throwing a virtual shoe towards their heads to bring them back to their senses… And you know what? The mysterious artist is totally right! Music reviews SUCK! They suck so much; only vacuum cleaners would read them. It’s biggest problem with reviewers reviews are the people reviewing them; they are all feeling like utopian kings, napoleons or Caesars putting their own opinions and tastes to put their thumb either down with disapproval, or the thumb up deep inside the artist’s ass in stimulation approval.
Oh how artist hate to see the thumb going down without a reasonable explanation other than that it isn’t up to the reviewers taste, and oh how the artist hates it when such a reviewer sticks his or her thumb so deep into an artist ass that it almost feels uncomfortable. If you know YIKIS then you know we like to put our thumbs deep inside artists asses, even if their music is probably totally shit, which is ‘by the way’ also a beautiful thing..
But at least our thumbs have a nice flexible shape, and we might even spit on it for extra fine lubrication… Who doesn’t want a YIKIS thumb deep in their intestines?
And indeed… thank goth, the mysterious artist mhz_ knows we are different, he knows YIKIS sucks, he knows we take the piss, he knows, he knows how to present his thumb for us all to sit upon… And thanks for him knowing this and complimenting YIKIS by telling it like it is; reviews, reviewers and review blogs suck… Now let’s continue with a ‘review’ (or attempt to review) of mhz_’s tsundereflex [2015 Remaster]…

So let me spit on my slim and tender thumb, maybe stick it in my mouth first for extra lubrication and place ‘tsundereflex’ on it as if it was a donut and my thumb the middle point explorer. Ah, the music starts, let’s see how deep the thumb has to enter for a pure praising ass licking overdose?
Pretty deep probably, and might even do a bonus suck on the mysterious person behind this release. Let’s see if the (blow)job of a reviewer would change mhz_’s mind about reviewers…
The music is warm and sexy, like having a miniature microphone attached on my thumb, exploring the internal organs of the artist while satisfying comfort comes out through the speakers (or headphones) ((it’s all in your hands; such interactive moments!))
The sound is deep, yet very cozy, intimate, sometimes a bit wet, cold; vacuum absorbing… It really is hard to take away the image of my thumb (with the micro microphone attached) exploring the aorta of the origins of these sounds. It’s (as you could imagine!) a very one-to-one sound session and actually it’s quite sexual. I enjoy it very much as a sound loving reviewer, and just might have to stick both my thumbs in; one is simply not enough to express how good this all is!
Then its time to take 10 seconds of silence in tribulation to the fallen thumbs and reviewers unaware that they suck… let that sink in and then the music on this fine release released by the wealthy Poverty Recordings continues with much more blissful material. It’s fair that I’ve got only two thumbs… I feel it deserves more thumbs up then just two… Might add an extra bonus finger as to be honest; the sound of ‘enemy number one of the reviewers’ mhz_ is sublime over here!
The Chronic Schizophrenia [Bonus Track] is super warm, very pleasant in minimal sound presentation; it calms me down as it takes me on a comfortable trip of auto hypnosis… My thumbs and bonus finger are now crawling so deep into this release ass that I’m not sure if they are still attached to my hands; mhz_ ‘s music made my head blurred out into the finer areas of peacefulness. Any reviewer who has another opinion on this release might take a few moments in order to find a large vegetable to suck upon.

Get this fantastic two-thumbs-up+bonus-finger worth of a pretty audio scape over at the following link:

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