Tellavision – 15 Miles (free single)

artist: Tellavision
title: 15 Miles
keywords: funnel walk hi-lo-fi lp pop tellavision electronic experimental hardware post-pop meta-pop Germany
artist website:

I’ve seen Tellavision performing her music at one of the hottest parties in the galaxy ‘Gifgrond’ and was fairly impressed by her stage presence and live performance. Listening and seeing Tellavision live isn’t the same as listening to her recordings at home, but as for now it’s the best thing we could suggest to do.

At Gifgrond Tellavision wowed the crowd away by playing the music all by herself, completely starting each song from scratch. Layer by layer she would create the structure of the music, creating an ear thrilling atmosphere that was also a feast for the visions of the eyes. After this performance I had to search for more Tellavision, and who seeks would find…

’15 Miles’ is a single that is available for free download, which is pretty generous and nice to say the least. The song and music is going for the kind of electric booty bass that gets deep in your stomach, even vibrating the ass cheeks like a drill pudding. To compliment it in the right way, Tellavision has the perfect rhythm setup; making it a slow but efficient warrior kind of motion-swing that features her warm and strong vocals on top for a pleasant but small exposure to what Tellavision is capable off in the song & music section. Get this free single (for free!) by Tellavision at the following link:

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