Convulsia Darklove – “Pinch Of Disaster”

Artist: Convulsia Darklove
title: Pinch Of Disaster
keywords: alternative diy electro folk folk punk oustsider music outsider music punk punk ballad punk’n’roll singer-songwriter Kraków
label: Weakie Discs

There is this video out there that had been on my mind since it had been uploaded. It’s a video showing Convulsia Darklove seated with a guitar in a corner. You might think that this isn’t a recipe to have been burned on my mind for so long, as there are others who play guitar, right?

Well yes, but Convulsia Darklove has a secret weapon that you can’t see that makes it very different than any regular guitar singer songwriter experience. Convulsia Darklove has a voice! And not just ‘just’ a voice, but one that can be so voluminous that Convulsia Darklove would be better in succeeding to blow away the three piglets houses then the actual fairytale wolf!

Seriously when Convulsia Darklove opens her mouth and set the vocals in next gear you’ll be surprised how powerful it sounds, a voice like a tiger who is ready to annihilate; strong, steady, powerful and punchy!
This in combination with the guitar play is something you don’t come across every day, clearly making this artist one to watch and look out for!

The amazement of the stealth performance captured in this video is powerful enough to make some unexpected listening viewers fall of their chairs. Convulsia Darklove’s Pinch of Disaster simply slam dunks them by surprise and by doing this, it’s clear that the experience is one to be burned in the memory of everyone who had tuned in.

The first time I heard the performance I too was unexpectedly surprised and had fallen over by the true amount of vocal force. The few months of recovery (broke some bones) was certainly worth it! And now I’m happy to share this video with you.. (Might want to place a soft pillow behind you in case Convulsia Darklove’s voice blows you away too as disaster might just come out and pinch you real hard & unexpectedly. )

“Pinch of Disaster” and other songs by the power force that is Convulsia Darklove can be heard and found at the following album:

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