Don’t Look At Me I Am Deformed – Ha Ha Ha Oh

Artist: Don’t Look At Me I Am Deformed
Title: Ha Ha Ha Oh
Keywords: dance electronic house amateur crude industrial polska Poland troglodisco
label: Underpolen

Holy macaroni! Ha Ha Ha oh… Think yo-yos, bouncy castles, cool riders, ingenious child-minds with a sack full of brilliant ideas, a nice sniff of respect to the good times of the eighties (and perhaps nineties?), vibrant energy and a total lack towards boredom! Oh and small attention scales!

Don’t Look At Me I Am Deformed(the self claimed king of plunderphonic troglodisco!) has the perfect audio cocktail, for anyone in need for such a fruity cocktail!

No shame to fuck things up, all is part of the arts; let’s call it happy lollipop vapor punk in which it’s more about bringing joy to the listeners then urinating on a corrupt system. This is the material to paint your face for, jump in the curtains and make noises like you are Tarzan or Jane: the music of liberation and out of the box exploration in a format of probably positive origins!

Ha ha ha oh is the perfect title, it says it all; this is material to go ha ha ha oh; a true feast of recognition fearlessly mutilated to form a unique audio candy in which you could gloriously hear how a mind on ADHD works & holy smokes; it works very good!

It’s like someone has mixed some vapor wave in your drink, blended all the ideas that you never had thought off in a cute home based blender to create potential material that might be odd as hell! It’s also pretty hot in a crazy-marionette-who-cut-off-the-ropes-and-jumps-out-of-the-window to celebrate freedom kind of way.. Yeah ha ha ha oh there is a lot of freedom involved…

I just might say that ‘This is the work of freedom’ hiding under the alias of Don’t Look At Me I Am Deformed, showcasing that nothing is too off to be touched, and that anything can be something. A whirlpool of ideas all compactly put together in short periods of time to form one lengthier one when played all together. Ha ha ha oh..

No sound is safe, no cultural eighties-material is out of league for a cheeky reimportation as a sampled chopped up work into the outer abysses, outlining the borders of being brilliant and being cheekily nuts. The results are forming various materials, but in general it’s music that has all the tricky tricks, the funny dancing hooks, the crazy plunderphonic cooks and the power to create bamboozled looks. Start the show over here:

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