EsentPie – new$hit ep

Artist: EsentPie
Tittle: new$hit ep
Keywords: hip-hop/rap experimental hip-hop Poland
label: EsentPie (New Obscure Records)

Shit to bang your head with, shit to place your sunglasses on, shit with so many layers that they are dense smoky and absolutely not made to flush away in the nearest toilet bowl. That’s the shit that is captured here on this intelligently fresh sounding must hear trip of an album!

This record of new shits is pretty much high up there, made with the clear inner knowledge of how psychedelics works and how this is brilliantly integrated in music. Shit?! This shit is good, and when you go for a swim in it you’ll find out that it even sounds much better!

The producer creates such a fascinating world of beat orientated explorer material that it’s like being abducted by this stuff as soon as you put it on. The material has everything and placed in such a way that even the grippiest strangeness are all fallen in the perfect place. The psychedelic shit is like a meeting point for loopy heads, strange sounds, opera hints, electronic blips and sound experimentations lab rats would like to grow extra ears for!

Within this brand new shit there is beauty to be found, not just a bit, but lots of it. Nicely unfocused by the creative and sublime rhythmic creations you’ll be served them as a listener through unconventional ways. The producer might even pick up the expected shit and lift it off into totally unexpected ways; really making this not just ‘new shit’ but also very much ‘The GOOD Shit’!

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