Purple Johnson Blimp Situation – A Monetary Lapse This Season

Band: Purple Johnson Blimp Situation
title: A Monetary Lapse This Season
keywords: blimpcore experimental rock cassette cassette tape concept conceptual electronic lo-fi lofi metal noise poverty Adelaide

Purple John Blimp Situation has a fabulous deal; if you pay them five dollar they will give you a Euro, Rupee, Lira, Pound, Franc, Yen, Ouguiya, Peso, Amero and a Dollar back.

Let’s explore the ‘Euro’ first which is the future of farting; music that makes me think of the time that Kraftwerk took the train to be inspired to produce ‘Trans Europe Express’ and couldn’t find the toilet only to experience a flow of digital diarrhea dripping out of their fancy European pants. Some of it got sucked up back into the place that it had come from; which is a practice that takes years of practice.

Let’s hold up the ‘Rupee’ to the ears and adore its beauty. It comes across as a beautiful blurp of tiny music, perhaps a screwed up music box playing a song while still being screwed while it does its thing.

Lira is more up in the fun zone, getting that farting gain of tape music, having an nice anount of bangs and glitter in; banging drumming and it feels to me as if it’s a case of a hammer (might be a couple of them) is being used instead of drumsticks, And perhaps an old radio or something instead of a drum to drum upon. The sound of destruction is always a good one to be jolly about. Worth every ‘lira’ that’s for sure.

The ‘Pound’ always has been strong and it’s in music form no difference, it also sounds quite awesome! From a dubby feel to a clear dance floor assault of jolly goodness with a ludicrously happy melody drenched in for extra psychedelic goodness. The beats and wickedly done live feeling is taking the sound of this album into the zones that are worth to empty your socks for (in case you had been collecting coins in there..) The music is pretty fun and outer limits are no limits over here! Great!

The ‘Franc’ is more dark, classical too, more sounding like it still has that sound and feel from before the French Revolution. Big wigs, gigantic dresses, lots of perfume, powdered faces… you know the deal. With the music Franc you pretty much can hear this historic part in time,

Then it’s time for the Yen and surprisingly it feels very close related to the theme of the Franc. It does have something that would fit in the happy part in a late sixties or seventies budget horror movie. For some reason it made me strongly think of the ‘Don’t look in the basement movie’ in which a red haired girl is happily underway to get a job at a lunatic asylum, not knowing that the looneys had taken over the asylum..

Moving away from this theme is ‘Ouguiya’ although there is some kind of seventies feel there within the melodic flute perhaps; the rest of the track is much more funky, modern electronics with bombastic synth material and beats that clearly cater to a tripping crowd that deserve to be fed energy in a psychedelic entertaining way. Can’t have enough of that, right?

But the ‘Peso’ is also a good deal on this budget release. Peso is sounding a bit of its tits, but still able to walk a semi straight line, or perhaps pretending to not be entirely intoxicated. It’s smells of heavy tequila and nicely performs it’s way out like someone sliding out over a well-oiled slippery banana peel.

The ‘Dollar’ gets a real dream theme dedicated to its name over here. It made me think if Las Vegas strips, marching bands, the glorious days of the Dollar forcing itself in foreign countries their throats. The ‘Dollar’ is graciously decorated here with melody and a good step beat to let a army walk over. It has something show business over it, something glorious, something that says skylines of New York and gambling dens.

Last but not first is the ‘Amero’ which seems to be walking up and down the audio waves like a cheeky little provocative cutie pie. It’s just prancing around in (i assume) glitter pants and ballet shoes and smiles at you like the trolololol man does. It’s so cheeky sounding that you just want to pick up ‘Amero’ and squeeze it like a good and funny friend!

Don’t go away though as there seems to be a secret bonus track included over here! Something odd, something strange; something that seems to be made for you!

This album is worth every cent of your time (as they say : time is money!) and if you do invest, they might have to make a different album cover for the albums in the future. Although we got to admit, this album wouldn’t be the same without the ‘no budget’ album cover.. So maybe Purple John Blimp Situation could just use your investment for drinks, instruments and other brilliant recording sessions… Hear the Euro, Rupee, Lira, Pound, Franc, Yen, Ouguiya, Peso, Amero and a Dollar over at the following link:

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