Mr Frisbee Plays with himself

artist: Mr Frisbee
title: Plays with himself
keywords: improvisation, playing with himself, video

People play with themselves all the time, sometimes it’s just a innocent game, at others it’s things like playing with their own hair or stroking their knee. Then there are the plays that somehow society doesn’t seem to approve of to be done in public spaces, things that are taboo and inappropriate to be played out in the open for anyone to see.

Mr Frisbee does play with himself, and even though it seems to be done in privacy, he did upload the playing with himself on YouTube. And even though you might not think you would like to see v playing with himself in front of a camera… There is a big chance you actually like to see Frisbee play with himself.

It’s also good to note down that he isn’t actually unarmed; he got things to hold and objects to blow, materials to press and tools to hit. Music instruments is what people call them, and Mr Frisbee is playing all of them while playing with himself. The result is pretty jazzy, a bit improvisational too, it’s pretty nice actually. It’s playing a bit with my head… You can actually play it too, by playing the following video of Mr Frisbee playing with himself:

If for some interesting reason you are in need for more Mr Frisbee playing with himself (it happens to the best of us!) then you might also want to check the following video in which Mr Frisbee plays with himself some more…

for more Mr Frisbee sounds:

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