Depeche Choad – Pain After Sex

artist: Depeche Choad
title: Pain After Sex
keywords: alternative comedy rap rock synthpop weird Aberdeen
label: Ice Cream For Crow

Seminal Plasma Hypersensitivity is a very interesting condition beautifully explained by the song with the same title. If English isn’t your preferred language to know about such an interesting condition there is also a French version available. But big chance that if you have Seminal Plasma Hypersensitivity at the moment, it might be that you are having problems reading this post. If that’s the case, it might be good to ask someone not affected to click the link and play the material for explanatory audio purposes.

The Seminal Plasma Hypersensitivity case is not only explained in the two different languages, but also in different styles, clearly getting the message across to all who have no blocked ears filled with semen and an allergic reaction… What? Yes, you better just peel the ears and eyes open and simply hear the song in multiple versions to know where the semen in this post had cum from.

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